2409, 2018

Finding Your Sacred Space And Making It A Priority

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So I hadn't planned on writing this today. It kind of just came to me and in my experience that is when I feel I have something valuable to say. If it helps one person [...]

1409, 2018

No More Dodies In This House – Four Years Of Soothing

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I actually googled the word dodie so forgive me if its wrong but that seems to be the way most people spell it. I could have said soother (or pacifier to my American and Canadian [...]

909, 2018

Our Holiday At Bungalow Castillo Playa – Caleta De Fuste – Fuerteventura

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We have just returned from a ten day holiday in Caleta De Fuste in Fuerteventura. For a change like. I'm joking of course, this was literally our fifth time to visit this resort. We went [...]

1908, 2018

Slimming World Cauliflower Mac ‘N Cheese Recipe

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I've made this recipe a couple of times now and it always results in a tonne of people asking for the recipe. I can't help but share a slow motion video of the dish when [...]

1108, 2018

The Law Of Attraction Really Works For Me

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Good morning on this fine Saturday in August. I am going to assume that if you clicked the link and have began reading that this is something you are interested in. I completely respect that [...]

1607, 2018

Why I’ve Started Using A Menstrual Cup

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Hello. I'm Tracey - the owner of the Menstrual cycle we are about to discuss. Now chances are that whatever way you happened to stumble upon this came with a bit of a disclaimer attached. [...]

3006, 2018

What Being Four Looks Like

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I wanted a bit of a time capsule to look back on to remember what having a four year old was like. The little quirky bits and specific anecdotes which might blur a little as [...]

2606, 2018

Shopping At Charity Shops – I’ve Caught The Bug

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For years now I've found myself noticing lovely dresses that my Mam was wearing. So many of them have caught my eye. So often when I asked her where she got them she might tell [...]

1306, 2018

Billy’s 4th Birthday Party At Celbridge Playzone

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  I can remember it like it was yesterday. I had been so convinced that I would go in to labour earlier than my due date (I now recognize that was "hope"). I desperately wanted [...]

2905, 2018

How To Not Have Your Instagram Account Hacked

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I'm almost a little embarrassed writing this post when there are so many very serious things happening in the world. It feels a bit narcissistic to place so much importance on a website like Instagram [...]

1205, 2018

The Turn In Billy’s Eye & Why He Is Wearing An Eye Patch

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So I thought I would write a quick post about our situation with Billy's eye because it seems to affect a lot of parents and it just might help someone else. I've received a lot [...]

505, 2018

Martinhal Cascais – Luxury Family Brand Conference – Portugal

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I had the biggest privilege to be invited back to Martinhal Cascais this year for their annual Luxury Family Brand Conference. Martinhal is an absolutely incredible place and they have pushed the boundaries when it [...]

1604, 2018

Places, Food, Things And People We Are Loving

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Hello! I really fancied blogging about a few nice places we've been to recently. But then I wanted to write about food and general nice bits we've come across or picked up. So this is [...]

904, 2018

Feel The Smear And Do It Anyway

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I'm not a very scheduled blogger. I tend to write when I feel compelled to. I find myself micro-blogging a lot on Instagram (traceysblog over there if you're not following me) and yes I did [...]

1003, 2018

Are You Disgusted By Your Weight? Will Your Target Weight Mean Happiness?

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I was compelled to write this post today because I feel really strongly about loving yourself at every stage of your weight loss journey. It kind of all stemmed from this photograph so I'm posting it [...]

103, 2018

Staying On Plan During Snow Days

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  I had to write this post because I was struggling so much yesterday myself. As a member that is. I spoke about it on my Snapchat and as I predicted I was not alone [...]

2302, 2018

THE Haircut – Why, Where & Everything In Between

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It was always going to be an emotional day. We knew that. I just don't think we anticipated that it would happen so abruptly. And yet the whole thing felt inherently natural and... right.   [...]

1102, 2018

Slimming World Dinners For The Whole Family #1

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I've got that blogging bug back again. Sure I'm micro-blogging on various forms of social media but written word is where my heart lies and I'm really enjoying being back to my roots and writing [...]

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  • Sometimes the most random dinners are the best elsajonesnutrition immunity
    7 hours ago by traceysblog Sometimes the most random dinners are the best.  @elsajonesnutrition  immunity boosting winter soup (unreeeal) with a roast chicken salad. Olives, beetroot, pickles, tomatoes, baby gem lettuce, feta cheese and the vinegar from the beetroot. So tasty!  #healthyfood 
  • Like Ill never be a food photographer but sure thats
    1 day ago by traceysblog Like, I'll never be a food photographer but sure that's OK isn't it? Thankfully  @kenmare_foodie  has that one covered I couldn't not share this though. You may have seen it on my stories (packaging etc is there if you want to have a gander) but  @aldi_ireland  take a bow, this hoisin pork fillet is an absolute beaut! I wanted to create the hoisin duck pancake thing you get from a chinese and it really hit the spot. I've never cut spring onions this way before so that was exciting in itself I used baby gem lettuce cups as the "wraps"
  • When we moved in to the granny flat we knew
    2 days ago by traceysblog When we moved in to the granny flat we knew it would be a great opportunity to save for our very own house some day. Cheaper rent and a smaller space meant we would live simpler and save as much as we could. It also meant a decision to co-sleep long-term and to be honest with you that wasn't a difficult decision. We were co sleeping anyway so making the decision to continue for another year and a half wasn't a big deal. We're still here and still saving almost two years later and co sleeping is literally all we
  • LOVE a subway salad Only 420 for this and minimum
    2 days ago by traceysblog LOVE a  @subway  salad. Only €4.20 for this and minimum syns used
  • I absolutely adore my scentsy plug in burner Because its
    3 days ago by traceysblog I absolutely adore my  @scentsy  plug in burner. Because it's a plug and switch there is no candle or flame so I can actually light it without worrying about little hands. It also doesn't heat up any more than is needed to simply melt the wax melt. The one I'm using now is an autumnal cinnamon donut flavour and OMG the smell is incredible. I adore this one because it's like a little night light too. There was a lot of interest in this on my stories yesterday so I've put the link in my Instagram bio if you would
  • Delighted with this zara coat I picked up for little
    4 days ago by traceysblog Delighted with this  @zara  coat I picked up for little man in a charity shop for €5. Fits him perfectly. And yes those are our summer cases. I genuinely only finished the washing about a week ago
  • Happy Friday! We have a fairly quiet weekend planned but
    5 days ago by traceysblog Happy Friday! We have a fairly quiet weekend planned but that suits me fine ahead of a busy week next week. Bit of work, go out for breakfast, take away one of the nights - that kind of thing I'm sitting here eating toast while my brother  @_patrickquinn  is in  #yosemite  in a tent where you can actually hear wild animals outside the tent. There is strictly no food or toilettries allowed in the tents as they attract the BEARS Like genuinely, what is life? Thanks to the photographer at the  @lloydspharmirl  event for snapping this of me. The fireplaces
  • How is this only 16 months ago They have both
    5 days ago by traceysblog How is this only 16 months ago. They have both changed so much. I don't know if I'll get over Billy losing his curls  #superhero   #ipbig   #motherhood   #candidchildhood 
  • lovelifeandlittleones having her expert skin anaylsis at the lloydspharmirl event
    6 days ago by traceysblog  @lovelifeandlittleones  having her expert skin anaylsis at the  @lloydspharmirl  event at  @airfieldestate  The service is available at participating stores and is really brilliant. They'll advise on skin damage, wrinkles, pores and skin type using an advanced machine that takes just a few seconds. They can then recommend products to improve any issues you might have. A follow up appointment a few weeks later will show how your skin has responded to them. Highly recommend  #bestversionofyou 
  • Had a ball last night at the lloydspharmirl bestversionofyou event
    7 days ago by traceysblog Had a ball last night at the  @lloydspharmirl   #bestversionofyou  event last night with my gorgeous friend  @lovelifeandlittleones  Being at the beautiful  @airfieldestate  was a very different experience as I am used to being there with my little man running around on play dates. It was stunning in the evening time. Last night was all about me though from start to finish we focused on how to be the best versions of ourselves. We had one to one chats with health professionals, expert skin analysis which showed our pores up close as well as sun damage and wrinkles, our blood pressure



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