Even writing those words feels surreal, I cannot believe my squishy newborn is now a two month old baby. Using the word “old” to describe his age seems hilarious as he’s only been on this planet for a mere 63 days. But my oh my what an affect he has had on the world in that time. Most noticably, he has in fact become my world and nothing could possibly be more important.

He has definitely lost his newborn look. I remember people would tell me this in the early days, that before I know it he will have changed so much and won’t resemble the little squishy sleepy newborn baby he once was. It’s hard to ever imagine them changing. I literally stare at his face 24 hours a day (I also shower myself, eat, clean, and keep Billy fed, clean and changed lol) so sometimes it can be hard to see the differences in his appearance, but when I look back on photos I can really notice the changes.

                         1 day old

                    8 weeks old

He really looks like a little boy now. In the first photo he’s wearing a ‘newborn’ sized baby grow and it’s far too big for him. He’s now completely out of the newborn size (only just recently) and now wears 0-3 months sized clothes. He’s got such defined features and he has totally started to develop his own unique look. It’s an amazing thing to witness. The things we’ve noticed the most are that his hair (which he actually lost a lot of in the early weeks) has grown back and is softer and fluffier than ever. It’s so long at the back and while it’s definitely a ‘fair’ colour we haven’t quite worked our what colour it will “be”. I think it will be a shade of blonde though as myself and my boyfriend were both blonde as babies. He has also started to develop these little dimples in his cheeks which are so adorable. 

               Billy and his Daddy 

His eyes are really blue but lately I’ve been noticing that they are slightly darker so we are wondering if he will have my eyes (hazel) or his daddy’s eyes (blue). He has big bright eyes though and I could stare at them all day. Ok I’ll admit, I generally do stare at them all day. They are beautiful. 
He’s a lot longer now. I remember he was so lost in my arms when I would be feeding him in the early days, but now he takes up a lot more space and I have to find a comfy position to support him while he feeds. He’s still only a tiny tot though. 
He SMILES. This has been the most exciting milestone by far. Seeing his smile for the first time was such an incredible thing. I remember squeeling with excitement and being so proud. He just looked so happy! Since then he has become a total smiler and he’ll constantly smile and make happy gurgling noises when he’s looking directly at the people he loves most. Myself, his daddy, his grandparents and his aunties and uncles have all been lucky enough to have that gorgeous smile directed at us. It makes me laugh so much because usually his smiles come in these little episodes where he makes the most gorgeous little happy cooing noise, smiles, looks delighted with himself, smiles again, stares at you intently and smiles again and again. It’s as though he is excited by the fact that he can smile. He also probably loves our reaction which is usually us laughing and saying “OMG” as it’s never any less amazing.

                  Billy the smiler 

He TALKS. Ok so he doesn’t discuss current affairs, but he is totally practicing his own little sounds and getting to know his voice. I regularly talk to him as if he understands me and is a grown up. I talk to him in a little sing song way, and he regularly “responds” with his new little noises which usually sound like “ooh” and “gah”. They are usually followed by a little proud smile from himself. These sounds are the most amazing sounds I’ve ever heard. They stop me in my tracks and I just stare at him laughing and telling him how wonderful he is. It really is incredible to watch him develop all of these new skills. 
He SLEEPS. Ok so this one we are very much in support of. Little Billy has never really “took” to the Moses basket. In fact, be really doesn’t like it. He had a few random good nights in it where he slept for a couple of hours but in general he is not happy to settle in it. Instead he sleeps in the bed with us. A lot of people have opinions about co-sleeping but what I have to say about the matter is that until you are in the situation you really don’t know what you would do. Co-sleeping is the only way that all three of us get decent sleep. He absolutely loves being snuggled up close to us both where he is warm and safe. He sleeps beautifully. Some nights he doesn’t wake for a feed for up to 6 hours. The other great thing about co-sleeping is that because I’m breastfeeding his sleep doesn’t have to be totally interrupted when he wakes for a feed. Rather then taking him out of the Moses basket where he would be snug and warm, and finding a comfortable position to feed him before trying to settle him again and put him back in the Moses basket, I simply have to readjust my position when he is in the bed beside me. I can feed him lying down which is so much more relaxing and comfortable when it’s 4am. He feeds and then drifts back to sleep barely even changing position. It’s the cutest thing ever. For us co-sleeping has worked really well. Yes there is a little bit less room in the bed, and yes there are risks but we are both so aware of him being in the bed, and I literally sleep in a position where I am shielding him completely. It’s been a godsend, and as I said previously it’s been the sole reason why we are getting any sleep. When we do eventually buy a cot we will position it in such a way that one side of the cot is removed and put up against our bed as a co-sleeper. It will be the best of both worlds. He’ll have his own bed and space, we’ll have more space, and get he will still be close by me for when he feeds or needs a snuggle. A couple of my friends do this and it has worked out very nicely. 
He looks like a little grown up when he’s asleep in the bed. When his daddy goes to work in the morning I move Billy over on to that side of the bed so that we have more space, and it just makes me laugh so much because he is so happy and comfortable. Even the way he lies is similar to how an adult does. It’s so adorable. 

We’ve come to the conclusion that Billy likes memory foam. We have a memory foam mattress topper and that’s what he seems to love sleeping on. We also have a little memory foam pillow that he uses during his day time naps in the travel cot when we are downstairs. We’ll be on the lookout for a memory foam mattress to put in to his cot when we buy one over the coming weeks. 

       Memory foam pillow for naps 

He will soon be free to travel on an airoplane. This is so exciting. We’ve booked a family holiday to Feurteventura for the end of September and so we’ve been doing all the running around associated with getting Billy his first passport. It’s actually a bit stressful because we had to do his passport photos three different times because they weren’t right. Even now the ones we sent off may not be accepted because apparently they want a little space above the head and our photo doesn’t have that. I’ll be really annoyed if they are sent back to us though because it is practically impossible to get a perfect passport photo of a 6 week old baby (which is what he was at the time of the photo). The rules all still apply despite them being tiny babies. They must be looking directly at the camera in a neutral expression, no smiling, mouth closed, eyes wide open, ears visable, hair visable, looking straight on, shoulders visable, no hands in the photo etc. We ended up taking the photo ourselves and bringing it to a kiosk to have it printed in the passport size. The original trip to a pharmacy was a disaster and they basically made him lie on a white sheet (our own) on the floor while they took the photo from a height. Needless to say Billy hated it and it wasn’t possible to get the right photo. Here is the photo we’ve sent off, it makes me laugh so much. It looks like a mugshot. 

Everyone says things calm down after about six weeks and it’s really true. He is so much more settled these days. During the day he feeds every 2-3 hours depending on what we are doing, where we are, and whether he’s awake or asleep. Sometimes he could stretch for 4 hours if he’s been asleep for a long time. I don’t mind the regular feeds though because I enjoy breastfeeding. That might sound odd but I do. It’s a special bonding time for us and if anything it forces me to sit down for a period of time where I can’t feel guilty for not doing something productive. I mean what could be more productive than feeding and nourishing my baby? It’s actually very relaxing, which many breastfeeding mamas will relate to I’m sure. Seriously, I cannot recommend breastfeeding enough. I’ve no intention of stopping and will happily feed him as long as it works for us both. I would love to get to a year at which stage feeds will not be as regular as he’ll have started eating solids, but it will depend on a couple of things such as how to navigate it when I am back working full time. Whenever it may be, I will definitely be very sad when our breastfeeding journey ends. Again, that will sound weird to many of you and totally normal to many of you too. It’s a really special experience. 

He loves the bath. The hospital recommend bathing your baby 2-3 times a week and giving them a gentle wash every day. That’s pretty much what we’ve been doing, or more so aiming to do. Baths have actually been more frequent due to various poonamis that have occurred as well as the many times that little Billy has piddled all over himself during a nappy change. This is a regular occurance with baby boys. There have been many times that I’ll just have bathed Billy and I’ll be dressing him only for him to piddle all over the bed, himself, me and his clean outfit laid out beside him. That’s when bath number two happens and plan b on the outfit front. It always makes us laugh though. Even when we are changing his nappy I’ll regularly chant “danger zone” because if we are not quick enough when putting on the new nappy we are in the territory where it’s very likely that Billy will piddle all over the place! 
We have a Graco swing and it is an absolute GODSEND. I seriously cannot recommend these enough. For the times when your baby is fed, changed, and awake and yet you want to do something that doesn’t involve holding the baby (eating, packing the dishwasher, having a cuppa) this is your man for the job. It is a battery operated swing which baby sits or lies in comfortably and it rocks backwards and forwards like a swing while it plays music or white noise sounds. There are different sounds and speeds and we’ve come to realise that Billy only likes the sound of the chirping birds and lapping water, and only likes it when the swinging motion is on one of the fastest speeds, the little thrill seeker. He LOVES the swing. He will happily sit in it for hours and nearly always falls asleep in it at which point I usually turn down the sounds and speed leaving it barely swinging at all but still rocking. Sometimes I will remove him completely and lay him down in his travel cot as I don’t want him in a bunched up position for extended periods of time. This has honestly been our absolute saviour though. We position the swing so that it’s facing us and he loves being able to see everything around him, particularly the people he loves. I highly recommend this product! 

A little tip – I like to put a little blanket over him (and under the tray table part) because the swinging motion creates a breeze and can make his little hands cold. 
We also do tummy time most days. We are supposed to do it everyday but sometimes I forget (bad mammy). It’s basically where you place the baby on his front and lay him down somewhere comfortable for 2-3 minutes a day. It encourages head and neck control. Some babies don’t like it but Billy is usually fine and he has actually started to try and roll over. He can’t do that yet but he is so determined and lifts his entire body up on one side and tries to tuck his arm under his body to boost himself over on to one side. Sometimes he gets frustrated that he can’t do it yet and it’s adorable. 

              Feeling a bit defeated

So I think that’s about it. We’ve pretty much covered most areas about little Billy’s current stage. Oh before I forget, we give him Vitamin D drops every day. This is recommend by the doctors and midwives as babies in Ireland do not get enough direct sunlight and it is important for the absorption of other vitamins, nutrients and minerals also. It comes in a little glass jar and you just put the drops on his tongue every day. 
I still can’t believe my baby is 9 weeks old already. Time is flying by and I am trying to embrace and enjoy every moment with my gorgeous little man. It is such a special time and all I want to do is love and protect him constantly. It feels as though he has always been here and he is most definitely my absolute universe. We love him so much and we still can’t believe how lucky we are to be his parents. 
Speaking of loving and protecting, I’m currently absolutely dreading his two month vaccinations which are today. It’s obviously important for his health and it has to be done, but I feel sick just thinking about them. He has to get two vaccinations today, one in each leg. It’s the fact that he doesn’t know or understand. I almost feel guilty that I’ll be bringing him there to have something unpleasant done to him, even though I know it’s the right thing and it’ll all be over quickly. I just want it over and done with now and I plan to spend the day snuggling him close to me. He’ll probably be sore and out of sorts and we have to look out for a fever etc, but I forsee a night where he will want to feed a lot and be close to me. My little sweetheart.