I’m not a morning person… said no mother ever! 

It’s generally not a choice to be honest. When you have a baby, you most certainly ARE a morning person. You have to be. Oh, and babies do not know what a weekend is, just to be clear. 

I remember I used to say the phrase, “I will when I’ve properly woken up” in response to the suggestion that I needed to do something productive. Usually house-work, cooking or… talking. In comparison to ‘my old life’, I now have to wake up and instantly be ready to be super productive, efficient and creative. It’s all part of being a mother, it’s fabulous, but it definitely takes some getting used to. 

I have a few tools up my sleeve that have helped me deal with the early mornings that came in to my life 5 months ago. Firstly, the night before has a lot to answer for. Just when it’s time to sit down and relax for the evening and the baby is in bed, you’re already thinking about things that you could be doing to make tomorrow that bit easier. A friend of mine (who has two toddlers) told me that she’s been known to hoover the house when the kids go to bed. I totally get that. For me it’s little things like making sure the kitchen is tidy so I don’t have to wake up to a bombshell, taking something out of the freezer to defrost for dinner the next day, and this little “ritual” I have where I gather up all the bits and bobs that are downstairs that shouldn’t be (usually my boyfriend’s hoodies, shoes, and yeah general boy things) and then I take them upstairs with me when I’m going to bed. I genuinely think a productive ten minutes can make a huge difference. Then I can sit down and actually relax. 

Another thing that makes those very early mornings a little bit more pleasant, is a bit of fuel. I was never really a breakfast person to be honest, but now it is genuinely my favourite meal of the day. For one, it involves my first coffee of the day which is always a good thing, and secondly it gives me the energy I need to look after Billy. I generally try to start the day off on a healthy note (and it can of course end on a very unhealthy one) so I will usually go for some sort of a healthy cereal, granola, muesli or porridge. 

Fun tip – if you are breastfeeding (or intend to) oats are fantastic for boosting your milk supply. Another reason why I like to eat them. Particularly in porridge form. Ever had porridge with cinamon, honey and raisins? It’s the business. 

It was only recently that I had the opportunity to sample some Muesli from a brand new Irish company, and it was fabulous stuff. The company are called Nutritiously Delicious, and it’s all in the name really. The company, ran by two mothers in Dublin, specializes in Muesli and they are the only Irish company that use coconut oil (which is a superfood) in their muesli recipe. 

When I got the sample I was quite excited because I happen to love muesli. It’s gorgeous with just plain milk, or with some Greek yoghurt and honey for a refreshing breakfast or snack. At the same time I was kind of thinking, well how exciting can Muesli be? How wrong was I. This muesli has got attitude, and CASHEWS. Cashew nuts in muesli? Who would have thunk it? Well, they did. It’s really gorgeous stuff. My boyfriend wouldn’t be a lover of muesli and he too thought it was gorgeous. It has a really lovely texture – soft delicate oats, crunchy cashews and coconut, and soft chewy dried berries. Fabulous. I reckon it would be lovely with warm milk too. A nice comforting breakfast in this changing weather. 

So do you fancy trying it? Well the lovely people at Nutritiously Delicious have give me three large boxes of Muesli to give away as a prize. These boxes are a lovely size, so it’s a lovely prize to be fair. Just enter the competition below, and you could be a morning person after all. 

You can find their Facebook Page here

Good Luck Folks! 

Tracey x

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Nutritiously Delicious natural muesli contains raw, organic coconut oil, which is vegan, unrefined, unbleached, cold pressed and contains 48% Lauric acid & 7.5% Caprylic acid. Our Natural muesli contains Irish Wholegrain oats, nuts and seeds, all good, good for you! Now available in Kildare farm foods, Fresh Ave, Ballinteer, Get fresh, Rathfarnham, The Health Shoppe, Merrion SC, Thomas’s, Foxrock, Slievemoore chemist, Stillorgan, Citywest Spa & Leisure, Fresh fruit & Veg, Shankill & Spar, Cherrywood