I’m on a quest to shake things up in the kitchen. I said in this post that I had come to the realization that I was starting to make the same dinners over and over again. I was putting little thought in to my menu planning and now I want that to change. Of course there are going to be handy favourites that I’ll make time and time again but I want to at least try one new recipe every week. It’s good timing because Billy is now eight months (I can’t believe it, where have those eight months gone?) and is starting to have a lot of the food we eat, albeit in a different consistency sometimes. 

So this week I made two dinners that are worthy of posting about here. We ate well all week but these two stand out for me. 

Firstly, quiche. I have always wanted to make a quiche from scratch but I’m generally afraid of recipes that involve making my own pastry. And now I really don’t know why I ever was. It was a piece of pie. 

Get it?

Right, moving swiftly on. In all honesty the pastry part of my quiche was a little rough around the edges but cooked really well. I was delighted with how it turned out and I can’t wait to make it again. Recipe gratitude goes to my friend Jennifer who very causally told me she was making quiche for dinner to which I responded “FROM SCRATCH?”. I decided to actually try the recipe rather than adding it to the “I must” list of things that never seem to actually come to fruition. 

So here we are – an easy peasy recipe for quiche. It is absolutely divine. My boyfriend actually said it was the best quiche he ever tasted, so I’ll take that. Give it a go and let me know how it turns out. I’ve made it twice in a week. It’s eggcellant. 

To make this you will need 


2 eggs
250ml cream
whatever vegetables/meat that take your fancy


150g flour
75g Margarine/Butter
1. Sieve flour in to a bowl
2. Add softened margarine/butter until it resembles breadcrumbs
3. Add some water until it resembles a dough, but not enough to make it stick to your hands.
4. Place dough in the fridge for twenty minutes and prepare your vegetables/meat. I literally used leftovers from the fridge – courgette, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli & ham.
5. In a bowl combine the cream, eggs, salt/pepper. I also added a sprinkle of cheddar.
6. Roll out your dough using a rolling pin and place in a quiche dish. Trim any excess pastry. 
7. Add your vegetables in to the dish on top of pastry. Cover in the cream/egg mixture.
8. Bake at 180’C for 30-40 minutes. Fan ovens may take less time. Just make sure pastry is cooked and egg mixture has set properly.
The finished product.As I said the pastry a bit rough around the edges, quite literally, but it adds character right? So we’ll go with that.
               Served on a wooden board which instantly makes my photo more arty.

Now for the second “recipe”.I don’t even know what to call this. I wanted to include it because it was one of those nights where there was “nothing to eat”. You know the day before you do the food shopping? I had to put my thinking hat on and figure out something creative to make with the odds and ends in the kitchen. I found a can of chickpeas, a tin of beans, packet of sausages, half a courgette, a couple of mushrooms, and an onion. I threw it all together, added some garlic, herbs and smoked paprika, table spoon of tomato puree and I let the slow cooker work her magic. It was absolutely sensational if I do say so myself. A cowboy stew of sorts. There were three good adults sized portions (which means my boyfriend can take some to work with him tomorrow) and Billy had it for his dinner too. I just blitzed his as it was quite chunky.                                             
Disclaimer – please note that a dish containing chickpeas and beans, when given to your baby, is likely to result in a shot-gun nappy situation for about three days. You’ve been warned. 

I hope this post didn’t bore the life out of you!