For months now I’ve been toying with the idea of vlogging. I personally love to watch different vlogs and Youtubers and can spend hours watching videos that on paper might sound utterly boring, but to those who’s boat it floats, it’s so entertaining and enjoyable. My favourite vlogger is most definitely Sprinkle Of Glitter. My sister Leanne introduced me to this Youtuber (that’s the lingo, she basically makes Youtube videos for a living. Isn’t that amazing? A girl can dream) and I’ve loved her ever since. She’s bubbly, vivacious, full of life, personality and not a stick thin modely type. She is womanly and natural and just completely genuine. She shares a similar spirit to me and she’s making it all happen with her husband and beautiful daughter Darcy. She’s all about the important stuff in life.  OK, so I don’t know her. But the beauty of the internet is that I feel like I do. 

Then there is Zoella. Another firm favourite of mine. Again it’s her personality that attracts me to her videos (not like that). She is funny, honest and kind. I can spend hours watching her talk about anything really. 

There is a whole community of these Youtubers. People who have actively decided to put their lives on the internet. But they will all tell you that it really is just a snippet of their lives. Sure, it seems like every single morsel of their existence is contained within a lens or a video clip. But of course it isn’t. It’s parts of their lives that they chose to share. And it’s not always the fluffy happy stuff. 

The world has become a place where we want information now. I’m guilty of it too – scrolling through a ten minute video to get to the “point”. Imagine not being able to watch something for ten minutes? Well that’s the world we live in. It’s the age of technology. For years now I’ve had a really sincere hunger to put my story out there. Not that my story is in any way more interesting that anyone elses. But I’m a yapper. I love talking and for me life really has always been a stage. If someone asked me what my dream job would be, I’d say something along the lines of “something where I’m working for me. Just being me. But not necessarily selling anything. Talking to people though. Helping people. Sharing my opinions with people and doing it with a bit of humour. Making people smile. Something that includes Billy too”. Sounds corny, but that is as true as it comes. 

So let’s start making it happen then. I want to feel the fear and do it anyway. Life is too short to watch other people living their dreams while you think of all the could-have-beens of your own. 

Fear is an obstacle, but one that we can very much acquire the ability to conquer. And that’s what this is all about. I consider myself to be a very confident person. Even though I might not love the way I look some days, I like who I am. Does that sound weird? Because it’s true. I’m proud of the things I’ve amounted to thus far, and the truth is… I really would want to be my friend. So in a bid to be kinder to myself, I’m ignoring the little negative voice in my head and going for it. 

IT being vlogging. I’ve started a Youtube page and I’ll be uploading various videos on all sorts of topics. Family vlogs where I show you snippets of our days, reviews, days out, topics that are close to my heart, things that I love and things that interest me. 

The little voice in my head said that it would annoy people, that I wasn’t good enough, that people would be rolling their eyes at me. But guess what? I’ve managed to send that voice packing, but not before reminding it that anyone who reads this blog, or follows me on youtube, is doing so willingly. That’s it really. Simples. 

So let’s do it – I give you the next step for Love Of Living. Youtube, thanks for having me, I think I’m going to like it here.