When I was pregnant I heard a lot of people talking about “Gro-bags”. I wondered if it was just another fad and a baby product that I probably really didn’t need. As it happens, I was very wrong, and I ended up very genuinely needing such a product. 

Billy’s bedroom is at the front of the house. We have a lovely south facing back garden, but this means that Billy’s bedroom can be a bit cold. When the heating is on it’s fine, but the temperature is inclined to drop quite dramatically in the early hours of the morning. This is also due to the fact that our house (rented) has a fairly bad energy rating. This means the house is lovely and warm when the heating is on, but it doesn’t hold the heat very effectively. Bad energy rating means higher electricity and gas bills. Great fun altogether. 

When we moved Billy in to his own room (and stopped exclusively co-sleeping), I was very conscious of the fact that Billy’s room can be a bit cold. Gone are the days where the answer might be blanket upon blanket. As you all know over-heating is a very dangerous thing. For this reason, we turned to the famous “Gro-bag”. This is essentially a little sleeping bag that the baby wears. It’s soft, quilted, and has a tog value just like a duvet. It is peace-of-mind baby warmth for your baby. Most babies like to throw the blankets off them as they sleep, or pull the blankets over their faces which can be extremely dangerous (and this is why cellular blankets are very important in those first few months). By using a Gro-bag you can feel confident that your baby is warm and cosy while they sleep, without the fear of the blankets coming off your baby or the baby pulling the blanket up around their face. 

The Gro Company have come up with a great chart which helps you navigate the use of your Gro-bag with other items of clothing. It identifies which tog Gro-bag works best in certain temperatures and also provides guidance about when a vest, baby grow or further layer might be required. It is really handy, and looks a bit like this.

Using a Gro-bag has worked really well for us. Not only does it give us the peace of mind to know that Billy is nice and warm while he sleeps, but it has also become an integral part of our bed-time routine. We have a nice relaxing routine for Billy whereby he has a bath at roughly the same time each evening, and then is dressed in his PJs for some quieter play time, bed time stories etc. When it gets closer to his actual bed-time we put him in to his gro-bag and then I give him his milk feed before bed. Billy now associates his Gro-bag with bed-time. Another benefit is that the Gro-bag makes the transition from warm cuddle to cold cot much nicer. Billy falls asleep in our arms and is then transferred to his cot. The fact that he wears a Gro-bag means that he does not notice the cold sheets of his cot (just like how your own sheets probably feel cool when you get in to bed) and he doesn’t stir when he is placed in the cot. 

This review is actually not about the Gro-bag though. I felt that in order to give an honest review of the Gro-suit I had to talk about the Gro-bag though, because they do go hand in hand. 

I often wondered about Billy’s arms when he was in the Gro-bag. His body was nice and warm in his 2.5 tog Gro-bag, but surely his little arms would feel a bit cooler? Naturally his vest and babygrow would not provide the same layer of warmth as a purpose made Gro-bag. And this is where we talk about the magnificent Gro-suit. The people at The Gro Company have very cleverly designed a baby-grow that has, wait for it, quilted arms. Isn’t that just brilliant? 

It is a beautifully designed baby-grow that has a thicker layer for the arms. They are literally quilted. Light but very effective quilted arms are the perfect answer to the question I asked previously about the baby’s arms getting cold while in the Gro-bag. 

                  Gorgeous quilted arms which can be rolled up or lengthened to fit all sizes 

We were sent two beautiful Gro-suits when Billy was six months. They were in the 6-9 months size range. When I opened the package I was so impressed by the quality of the product. They were so soft to touch, and the colour and design was really gorgeous. I loved the idea of the light colours as I find that it can be difficult to find white babygrows for a baby older than six months. There is something so innocent and clean about the colour white on a baby. They were also presented really well in very informative packaging which explained the idea behind them, and again recommending the room temperature that Gro-suits are designed for. 

                                            Billy wearing his Gro-suit under his Gro-bag.

Tired little eyes as Billy completely associates his Gro-bag with bed-time 

Billy’s room will usually always drop to about 15’C during the night so we used the Gro-suits a LOT. There was nearly always one Gro-suit in the wash basket. Speaking of washing, these Gro-suits really do retain their quality. Having been washed tonnes and tonnes of times, the Gro-suits look as perfect as they did they first day we received them. Now that Billy is 9.5 months he has outgrown the Gro-suits but I will certainly be purchasing more, and I have packed away both of these as they will be perfect for any future babies. 

I cannot recommend this product enough. You can pick up a Gro-suit at your local Mothercare store. For more information, or to order online, please visit The Gro Company website here

Disclaimer- I was very kindly given two gro-suits free of charge by The Gro Company for purpose of review. However, as always, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.