We are huge fans of fruit in this house, and even bigger fans of yoghurt. Put them together and serve them on  a stick, lovely. Put them together, serve them on a stick, and offer us free samples to review? Yes please. 

It’s quite clever really. The people at Claudi and Fin have it sussed. Lucy Woodhouse and Meriel Kehoe, two businesswomen from the UK, have created a seriously good product. 

They wanted to have a go-to snack for their children that didn’t contain heaps of sugar, additives, e numbers and “nasties”. When they couldn’t find one, they made one. It’s as simple as that really. As the old saying goes, “if you want something done right, do it yourself”. And so they did. 

They put their nurturing and entrepreneural caps on and got to work. And let me tell you,  they’re only delicious. 

The ingredients are full fat Greek style yoghurt, full fat milk, real fruit puree, and some sugar. That’s it. A nice short list of ingredients, as it should be. There is a bit of sugar in these lollies, but bare in mind that they have a staggering 75% less sugar than other frozen lollies on the market. That’s a huge difference. And remember, these are treats. It’s probably not something that you’ll be giving your children every day. So how great is it to be able to offer a treat in the knowledge that it is actually rather healthy. Win win in my opinion! 


The lollies come in two flavours. Strawberry and Mango. Mango is my favourite, but the strawberry isn’t too far behind. They have a lovely yoghurty texture, soft and delicate, and yet they’re creamy enough to tick the ice-cream box. 

The packaging is really lovely too isn’t it? I love the soft colours and playfulness. You’ll be seeing them in a freezer near you in Centra and Supervalu. Sure pick up a box and give them a try yourself. A packet of four will set you back €3.50. Granted, it’s not the cheapest box of ice lollies on the market. But they really are great value. It’s all about the ingredients and the quality of the product. This is a fun “treat” product which is primarily made from greek yoghurt and fruit. Considering the quality of this product, €3.50 is very reasonable. Personally I would be much happier to fork out an extra euro or so, reassured that the product I was feeding my child was of a very high standard with a short ingredient list. 

Billy is having a bit of a mare with his teething, the poor pet. I let him have a few sucks of one of these lollies to cool and soothe his (still toothless) gums and he very much approved. He just couldn’t quite grasp the notion of holding the stick rather than holding the actual lolly. 

                                                      That’s it son, now you have it. 

Easy for me to say, but these Frozen Yoghurt Lollies will genuinely be a product that I buy myself. I love the idea of having a nice cool snack to offer Billy in the summer months when the weather is fine (hopefully). For more information, you can visit the Claudi And Fin website here.

Disclaimer – I was offered a very generous sample of this product for the purpose of this review. However as always all opinions are completely my own.