Technically last year was my other half’s first Fathers Day. We had a little celebration and marked the occasion but it was very low key because myself and little Billy Bear has only been discharged from hospital a couple of days before. After a six day stay at The Coombe we just wanted to settle in to our new life as a trio. 
When this Fathers Day came along I knew I wanted to do something special. I wanted to gift him with something that was sentimental and also that didn’t cost a fortune. I am a really visual person – I am constantly taking photos of everything. I like to capture moments so we can look back on them and remember them with fondness. 
I have tonnes of photos of Billy and his Daddy. Not half as many as myself and Billy of course. I was scrolling through the hundreds of photos on my computer and I found a couple of really gorgeous snaps of those early days when Billy was a tiny newborn, right up to last week when he turned the big 1. I thought it would be lovely to somehow put all of these photos together in a collage. I was looking through the Photobox website and saw some really lovely ideas from photobooks to framed prints. 
Then I came across the mug section. They had lots of different ways to create a beautiful mug using one or several photos. You also have the option of choosing different internal colours of the mugs, adding text, and you can even select a mug that has a loveheart shaped handle. Gorgeous gift ideas and absolutely brilliant value. You can make a stunning photo mug for as little as €6! 
So in the end I decided to go for a white photo mug with a selection of different photos from when Billy was a newborn right up to present times. I added a little message wishing him a happy fathers day and patiently awaited it’s arrival. It arrived two days later. It was a quick and painless process and having it arrive so quickly made it all the better. It came in a neat cardboard package, and the mug was beautiful. I couldn’t have been happier with it. The quality of the photos on the mug were really impressive, the writing was clear and easy to read, and the mug in general had a lovely clean finish. It was perfect. 
My other half was delighted with his Fathers Day Gift. It was such a simple idea, inexpensive, and yet it ticked all the boxes. A really lovely keepsake. 
Needless to say I will be using Photobox for my gift-needs in the future. They have an impressive selection of ways to showcase your photographs whether it’s for a gift or for your own personal collection. 
And the best part? I also used Photobox’s photo printing service. This is something I have been vowing to do for months now. I have absolutely zero hard-copy photographs from when Billy was born. It felt great to select 50 photographs and have them arrive so quickly. I was delighted with the outcome and again will genuinely be using this service in future. 
To sign up to Photobox or browse there website click here, and remember they have a handy app too. 10/10 from little old me!