When Billy was about 9 months old we started to really enjoy bringing him to the park so he could have a little play on the swings. It was our first introduction in to the little adventures we will so often have with our little boy. I love the outdoors and cannot wait to explore that with him.

We also live in Ireland, where the weather is about as predictable as the lottery numbers. You could leave the house wearing sunglasses and return wearing a rain poncho. It’s a bit hormonal to say the least. Weather aside, we love getting out and about with Billy. 

One thing we started to notice was that Billy loved to “walk” while holding our hands. This was fine while inside the house, but when we were outdoors we didn’t want him walking on the path or grass in just his socks. God knows what he could walk on, and he could also end up soaked from the inevitably wet ground. 

I mentioned to the other half that I would love a little pair of shoes that we could pop on him when going out to the park or somewhere where he would want to be on the floor pulling himself up and wanting to stand, cruise and eventually walk. I didn’t want to stuff his little delicate feet in to a cute pair of shoes for the sake of it though. If I was putting shoes on him, I wanted them to ergonomic and developmentally-friendly at the very least.

This is where the excitement starts. We had heard about Bobux as a brand but didn’t realize just how brilliant they were. Originating in New Zealand, they have a really strong presence in Europe, USA, UK and now Ireland too. I saw some photographs of their funky designs and absolutely loved them. I was thrilled to discover that they did a uniquely designed shoe specifically made for babies who are crawling, learning to walk, and cruising. They were designed exactly for Billy’s stage of development and I was completely sold on them immediately.

I give you, the Bobux Xplorer. Aren’t they the cutest little things ever? They come in a variety of different colours and materials. I really struggled to decide which ones to go for but in the end it was the vibrant orange and canvas fabric that really jumped out at me. 


When they arrived in the post (very promptly, and beautifully packaged) I couldn’t wait to try them on Billy and “road test” them. I was a little bit nervous though because he had never really worn shoes apart from the ridiculous sized newborn ones that were for the purpose of a photograph for Facebook. First baby syndrome right here… To my absolute delight though, he didn’t protest. They slipped on him like a dream, really gently and without any fuss. He thought the whole thing was hilarious and he couldn’t stop starring at them and touching them. I popped him down on the floor and he crawled away, thinking he was only deadly. He is to be fair… 


I had read that these Xplorers were particularly useful when a baby was learning how to walk as well as using crawling as their main way of travelling. I knew that we would get lots of use out of them which is really important to me as I am all about value for money. They have a scuff-resistant toe which keeps the shoes in tip-top condition despite being used by a hyper baby/toddler on various different surfaces both inside and outside of the home. They also have a fully flexible but durable sole, providing the perfect balance. They are basically a fully functioning shoe which are developmentally-sound and also give “bare-foot freedom” to your growing baby. This means that they are durable enough to be “shoes”, and yet soft and delicate enough to not hinder crawling in any way. 


Needless to say we absolutely love our Bobux Xplorers. Billy is now 12 months and still wears them a couple of times a week. I always have them in the baby-bag and I just pop them on when we need them, or I put them on him in the morning as part of his outfit for the day. It depends on the day really. 

I want to share my excitement with you all and give one of my readers the opportunity to see how amazing these shoes are for themselves. I’ve teamed up with Bobux and we are offering one lucky reader the opportunity to win one pair of these beautiful Bobux Xplorers. 


To Enter

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Winner will be announced on Monday 13th July. 

Good Luck

To buy a pair of Xplorers, simply click here and browse through their beautiful selection of colours and fabrics, available in sizes 18-22. Don’t know your baby’s foot size? No problem, Bobux provide a really helpful size guide on their website. 

Please note that I was sent a pair of Bobux Xplorer shoes free of charge for purpose of review, but all opinions are completely my own. This competition uses Facebook but is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook in any way.