You know something is big when it has it’s very own Facebook meme, right? It’s an actual thing.


Surely you have all come across the term “Netflix And Chill” over the past few months? It is a phrase that has become synonymous with people relaxing at home after a long day’s work, curing oneself of the effects of a late night the night before, and the all important date night. Staying in is the new going out now, and all that.

Seriously though, Netflix is now revolutionizing the way in which we approach the idea of watching television.


It happened to me again yesterday. A particular show that I always watched (pre-toddler) was back for another season and I totally forgot. In another life that never would have happened, but sleep deprivation and the joys of moving house meant that my mind was elsewhere for the day. When it was finally time to sit down and relax I was almost annoyed by the fact that I couldn’t just watch it when it suited me. I could have recorded it but there was no space on the disc. Issues.

This is why I love the bones off Netflix so very much. There is a serious list of shows available at any given moment. Sounds cliche but there really is “something for everyone”. So far my boyfriend has endulged (and fell in love with) Breaking Bad (who hasn’t, right?), Better Call Saul and most recently Narcos which premiered now so long ago on Netflix.


Then there is little old me. I am fond of a documentary and Netflix really has me spoiled for choice. Most recently I watched “The True Cost” and absolutely loved it. A must see for all you fashionistas out there (says she). I am also becoming slightly obsessed by (re) watching 90210. I just cannot get enough of that show.

I was super excited when I got a lovely Netflix email this week telling me the good news about Care Bears And Cousins which is coming to Netflix on November 6th. I just know this is one that Billy is going to love and I cannot wait to share it with him. Having other shows like Puffin Rock available at any time of the day is also a total joy. That show in particular is just gorgeous. I am not joking, it is adorable.

And that is the joy of Netflix really. It’s about having access to a plethora of different shows at a time that suits you. Sure I make plans to do things at certain times but when living in a busy household with a toddler and two working parents it just doesn’t always work out that way, right?

It’s even made the ironing easier. A job I simply loathe. I now park the ironing board in front of the TV in my bedroom and I take my pick of something to watch. Three episodes in and I am an ironing machine, barely noticing the task at hand has in fact been done. Win Win.

It really is the future folks. Do yourself a favour and sign up to Netflix. I can absolutely guarantee you that it is the best thing you will do all year. A Christmas present to your ow family perhaps?

Netflix for president!

I am proud to be a Netflix Stream Teamer. This means that I am happy to share the latest Netflix news as well as information about what we are watching. In return Netflix have kindly gifted me with a year’s free subscription to this service. FYI, three members of my family pay for and love Netflix also. We are genuine advocates and fans.