Sometimes I follow recipes to the letter of the law and they just don’t work out the way I wanted them to. I end up with a massive mess to clean up in the kitchen and a mediocre dish. On the contrary sometimes I get these ideas in my head and I just throw together a few ingredients and it works out beautifully. This is one of those times. 
I had literally made a cup of tea and was about to sit down and relax for the evening. I started thinking about how fussy Billy can be at breakfast time. Sometimes he wants cereal or toast and sometimes he wants nothing. He will snack on fruit and have a bit of this and a bit of that most days. That is fine on days where I am not working because I am with him all day and can give him snacks to graze on throughout the morning. But on days where I am working I have about a fifteen minute window to feed Billy his breakfast before we leave to drive me to work. 
I wait until we get to my Mam’s house to give him his breakfast because it makes sense. We get out of the house quicker and it gives him time to be hungry enough for a meal, if that makes sense. For the past few weeks I have been offering him lots of different things but I will usually end up with half an eaten banana, some toast and half a bowl of cereal. It was starting to get really stressful. I want to go to work knowing he has eaten a nutritious breakfast. Does that make sense? 
So I grabbed a bowl, found various healthy breakfasty things, and added them all in to a bowl. What resulted was a beautiful smell in the kitchen and a perfect breakfast “cake” which I then cut in to slices. It had a gorgeous soft consistency and kind of tasted a bit like apple pie. It had lovely Autumnal/Christmassy vibes and it just so happened to turn out exactly how I imagined. I was really delighted with it. I think a breakfast that includes oats, banana and fruit is always going to be a winner. 
I brought a slice to my mam’s house this morning and Billy ate the entire thing. I think we are on to a winner here. I plan to try a few different varieties and mix up the flavour combinations – but yes, breakfast slices are now going to be a thing.



1 Large Banana 
1 Cup Of Porridge Oats 
1 Cup Of Flour
1 Teaspoon Of Baking Powder 
1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon
1 Egg
Half A Cup Of Fruit Puree (I used the little yellow pots from Aldi). 

1, Mash the banana using the back of a fork. Add the egg, Cinnamon and fruit puree. 
2. Sift in the flour, baking powder and add the oats. Mix well. 
3. When everything is combined add to a greased cake tin
4. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes on a medium heat. 
5. Allow to cool and then slice up.