Hello Lovely People,

I have been a bit quiet here of late because my flippin’ laptop is on the blink. By blink I mean that it is literally blinking. It turns on at random times and can stay on for five seconds, five minutes or maybe enough time to publish a blog post (if you are reading this, it did).

Plans are in the making for a replacement laptop and blogging over-kill will ensue as soon as possible. For now though it is sporadic and you can find me messing around on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts if you need your daily dose of glittered ramblings. 

When I do manage to get access to my computer I am keeping up to date with my articles and blog posts for Easy Parenting Magazine and Family Friendly HQ website. Both are really good reads. I find myself constantly sharing posts from FFHQ because they are usually hilarious and super informative. 

We are also enjoying as much outdoor time as possible. Once it isn’t pouring down we will head out for walks, to the park or simply to let Billy run through the leaves. Like all children he really gets a lot from being out in nature. That is pretty much how I spend my days off. Getting out and about with my little man, grabbing a coffee and pretending I have a cleaner who will sort out my house. 

The little man is at such a lovely stage right now. It amazes me just how much he understand the world these days and how scary some parts of it can be for a toddler. He puts things in the bin if I ask him to, fetches a specific toy by name and attempts to put his shoes on. For some unknown reason he has an obsession with shoes and will excitedly proclaim “wooooes” at the very sight of a pair. 

We are having great fun. He just brings out the fun in every situation, allows myself and his father to be total children again and just makes the world a better place. I cannot remember my life before this ray of sunshine spilled in to it. I genuinely still thank someone for him. God, the universe, someone! I am getting teary just writing this but he makes me feel so proud. Proud of him, of his Daddy, and of myself. You know when love can actually reduce you to tears? That. All the time. 

We still don’t get much sleep, mind you. You know the story by now but he isn’t a sleeper. Some nights are easier than others. A really good night would involve 2-3 wake-ups. If I get 3 hours sleep in a row I feel like I can take on the world. He does have good nights though and I really just know deep down that he will settle in to a longer sleep pattern when he is ready. We are moving house very soon and a huge emphasis is being put on his new bedroom and decor. We want him to love it. Love it so much that he peacefully sleeps in it through the night? God yes. 17 months is the lucky number, right?

Speaking of moving house. No you didn’t read that incorrectly. We are moving, again! It will be our fifth move in three years. What can I say, the Dublin rental market is an absolute pile of poo (to put it mildly). Thankfully we have really fallen on our feet with this next move and we have every faith and hope that it will be our last move for many years. I’m not even stressed about the move, just so excited. I will be posting about the move in the next few weeks. We will be in the new pad just in time to put up the Christmas tree. It will be our first time to move before Christmas so in the spirit of celebrating not having to move in January I plan to have the tackiest Christmas house known to man. Photos will be provided of course. We have spent a fair deal of time in home ware shops where things like this tend to happen. Who needs a play cafe? 


Then there was the moment that Billy dressed up as a pirate and reduced his two Nanas to tears. Good tears mind you. We surprised them both by knocking on their doors with Billy awaiting them dressed as a pirate. Both of them cried out of pure happiness and cuteness. He was seriously adorable and even got a few packet of Chicatees off the neighbours. 

Butter wouldn’t melt right? Here he is hugging his best friend Heila despite it looking as though he is attempting to choke her. They are interacting with eachother so well these days. Last week they both started dancing when they saw eachother. Myself and Heila’s Mammy got the best laugh ever. Thanks kiddos! 

And there we have it my friends. A brief synopsis of what is happening in our lives right now. Writing, working, packing up to move again and generally cuddling the life out of our little bestie. I look forward to lots more blog posts in the future and have plans of making myself a little office in the new house.

Needing a little office? Who would have thunk it. As always thank you so much for reading and supporting my little slice of the Internet. 

Tracey x