You have probably noticed the name Meaghers Pharmacy doing the rounds recently. A couple of fellow bloggers have been talking about their stores and array of products available. It has well and truly become a “thing” in the beauty world. It is a company you really want to know about, trust me!

So what makes it different to any other pharmacy? Everything really. It is like a haven of beauty at varying price levels. It is amazing to know that such high end and affordable brands can live under the one roof. That is what I love so much about Meaghers Pharmacy. Regardless of the product you can be sure that Meaghers Pharmacy are giving you a good deal.

I was completely blown away when I received a beautiful package from them this week which included a mix of stunning brands and products. Everything from skin care and cleansers, to make up brushes and bronzer. It was as though all of my Christmasses came at once.


Clarins is a timeless brand and one that my own mother has always swore by when it comes to looking after her skin. Meaghers Pharmacy are one of the only pharmacies in Ireland that sell Clarins products online. The same can be said for L’Occitane. This is a brand I have always been a fan of. This south of France inspired beauty brand is one of decadence and a real treat for your skin. They produce the most incredible hand creams on earth. Both of these brands are exclusively available online at Meaghers Pharmacy. Both would make a beautiful gift this Christmas.


Then there is the make-up. Oh my, the make-up. If you follow Irish beauty blogs and are part of the Snapchat revolution then you will most certainly be familiar with The Balm. This unique make-up brand is regularly spoken about by Tara O’ Farrell of Tara Makeup. She is an incredible make-up artist and her obsession with The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer is totally infectious. This is a bit of a dream product for me. It’s so beautiful and has the most stunning soft shimmer. Some have compared it to Lulu in the Pippa Pallete which is another very popular highlighter in the beauty world.


Another brand I must mention in NYX Cosmetics. This is a brand that is fast becoming the go-to product for many make-up artists and celebrities. A make-up artist friend of mine recently told me that their concealer is the best she has ever tried. Another friend gushed about their highlight and contour palette. I absolutely cannot wait to play with this one. I am determined to enter 2016 as a highlight/contour pro. Watch this space (as it shimmers). As for the Cailyn make-up brush? Another dream product for me. I screenshot the photo when Marissa Carter (owner and creator of Cocoa Brown Tan) raved about it. It has the most incredible soft texture and the bristles are so densely compact. I can imagine this brush will give amazing foundation coverage and the airbrush affect that it promises. It would also work perfectly for cream contour products. (look at me and my beauty jargon).


When I look at the gift guide booklet that Meaghers enclosed I can’t help but think about how they really have something for everyone in this store. It sounds so utterly cliche but I really mean that. They have cosmetics and fragrances for the man in your life, incredible high end and affordable skincare brands for your mother and an amazing selection of make-up brands for everyone else. I was delighted to see that they stock Zoella products. I have followed Zoella on Youtube for many years and I always remember her fellow Youtuber Sprinkle Of Glitter doing a video review of the bubble bath and it looked and sounded amazing. I can now confirm it smells amazing also. Perhaps out very own Lovely Girly Bits will have their own cosmetics line someday too. No better women!


I have been dreaming about trying some of these products for the longest time. In particular I have lusted after the Kinvara Cleansing Oil which smells and feels simply divine. I am the kind of person that will go out and re-purchase a product when I love it and I genuinely can already feel that this will be the case for some of these products.


As part of my “Beauty Buys For The Baby Mama” series I will be taking you all with me on this journey of make-up discovery. I am eager to learn and want to perfect and absorb as many techniques and tricks of the trade that I possibly can. It only took me to get to my mid-twenties before the make-up bug hit me and now I cannot articulate how excited some of these brands make me. Perhaps it is because these are the kinds of products that make me feel good. They give me a spring in my step and make me feel that I can be anybody that I want to be. I am a mother but us mammies deserve to know about the best products and bargains available. Right?

Fancy treating yourself? Meaghers Pharmacy have kindly offered my readers a 20% Discount off their online store until midnight on Thursday 17th December. Some last minute Christmas shopping or maybe a make-up treat to accompany you on all of the festive nights out. Go on, you deserve it!

To anyone that happens to be available, Faces By Graces will be in the Meaghers Castle Tymon Store  (Tallaght) on Thursday 17th December from 11am-1pm. There will be 20% off gift sets in store and it sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic morning.

Meaghers Pharmacy are really on to something special here. I predict amazing success for them in the future and I for one will be using them from this point on for all of my skincare and make-up needs.

disclaimer – I was very kindly gifted these items from Meaghers Pharmacy but am in no way obligated or compensated to speak positively about the brand. All words and enthusiasm about the products is completely genuine and my own. I will do a follow up post when I have given each product a good test-run.