When Billy’s grandparents asked what they could buy Billy for Christmas I put my practical hat on me. It might sound boring but I am a huge fan of practical presents. Of course I love the indulgent treat-like presents but there is something really lovely about receiving something that you actually need. It automatically saves you the expense and suddenly becomes something very meaningful. It makes life easier for you too. 

Straight away I thought about suggesting Billy’s first shoes. He has been wearing pre-walkers for the past three months and they have served him well but it is time for a more durable pair of shoes in a bigger size. The grandparents were only too delighted to be able to purchase his first pair of big boy shoes. And so we set off to Clarks, two weeks before Christmas in the midst of the shopping chaos in Dublin city. 

We headed to the Clarks Kids store in Arnotts. I had never been before and the experience was really positive. The staff were extremely helpful and the shop was easy to browse. As soon as we arrived I noticed a couple of special offers and realized that there was a good chance that we would be picking up a bargain. We expected to pay about €50 for a decent pair of first shoes. It looked like we could end up paying half that amount. 

They had some wonderful special offers and a lot of shoes were half price. Really lovely pairs too. Nana got very excited and proclaimed that we could pick two pairs as they had “expected to pay about €50 anyway”. Happy days. We selected an everyday shoe that would work with tracksuit bottoms and jeans and then a dressier pair of boots that would be perfect for Christmas Day and the weekends.

It was then that I remembered I had a €20 Clarks gift voucher. I absolutely could not resist the special offers and used the voucher to buy Billy a pair of wellies and a pair of slippers. Both were half price.


So the grand total? €69 all in. It should have been double that. €69 for a pair of shoes, a pair of boots, a pair of wellies and a pair of slippers. Each pair was half price. All are great quality and absolutely gorgeous. 


To make the experience even better Clarks have a facility whereby they take a photograph of your child (if you wish) wearing their first pair of shoes. They then email you the photo and you can order it as a little print. A really nice touch and a charming keepsake to remember your baby’s first shoes. 

If you are in the market for some pre-walkers, first shoes or just good quality children’s shoes in general then I would highly recommend visiting your local Clarks store as soon as possible. I had no idea that they were having a sale and it was a really pleasant surprise.