A couple of weeks ago I was one of the lucky ones to nab a ticket for The Bridie Brunch at Sober Lane D4. I’ve already gushed enough about the fabulous goody bag we got at the event, but the highlight really was the €20 Penneys voucher that was gifted to us at the very end of the day. A real surprise! You can probably guess where my next stop of the day was after the event. 
Walking in to Penneys without a pram and an excited toddler was a very strange feeling indeed. It was just me, my handbag and a shopping basket. Nothing else to think about. I roamed through the isles admiring the beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories. Then it was business time. I was there for one reason and one reason only – to purchase all things Christmas. My soul intention this year is to make my home the gaudiest most outrageously tacky Christmas house that ever lived. I have to make up for last year where we didn’t get to decorate at all!
Penneys know their stuff lads. All of the Christmas items were nestled together in one little cost Christmas corner. It was an oblivion of red Christmas cheer. I wanted it all. Unfortunately (in this instance) I didn’t have my trusty pram with me which is generally ridiculously handy for shoving a serious amount of shopping in. I was limited in that sense. I was also mindful of watching the pennys – like the actual ones that I earn. 

So, without further ado, here were my purchases. I am beyond chuffed with them.

Like you would just have to get him wouldn’t you? He’s a bloody legs eleven reindeer. It was love at first sight. I think he came in at about €4. Deadly little thing currently lives on the handle of our kitchen door where he shall remain until people begin to demand that it’s time for the Christmas decorations to hibernate for another year. Until then he is working it! 

Genuinely felt it would have been rude to leave Penneys without this. It’s a Christmas themed door mat for God sake. Anything that results in a snowman being the first thing I see when I enter my home is a good thing. Another €4 purchase and worth every Penney. ‘Tis gorgeous isn’t it?

Penneys, Christmas, PJs. All synonymous really aren’t they? I decided to go a bit wild this year and just pick up bottoms. I’m not a fan of long-sleeved PJ tops and I have a couple of black, white and hot pink string tops that will team up nicely with these. They also “come in” at the bottom, which I love. Oh, and penguins. Standard.

Because no Cliched cosy Christmassy Facebook  post is complete without an accompanying candle-lit fireplace photo. This one smelt beautiful, looked the part and was €1.50. Sure he was practically throwing himself at me. Go on Santa you little rocket.

 I am a mother therefore I find it virtually impossible to resist items such as teeny tiny mittens and teeny tinier toasty socks complete with Reindeer heads on the toes. €1.50 each, shockingly cheap for such adorable items. 

Here me out. No he doesn’t need any more babygrows and yes I was seduced by the clever festive marketing but I was never ever going to be able to resist a Santa babygrow. Let’s just accept that right here and right now. It is a santa sleepsuit. SANTA? My son says “Ho Ho” when he sees Santa. See what I mean here? It was a given. It’s soft, the feet have grippy things on them, and it was only €9. I bought a bigger size to ensure that someone in this house will still be celebrating Christmas in Spring. Cheers Penneys!


And what is a Santa sleepsuit without some Santa delftware? €4 for the three items. Absolutely gorgeous. I’ll admit they were a last minute “throw in the basket and I’ll decide at the till” purchase, but one of my favourites in the end. Really lovely! 

Every year I (in jealousy) admire the creative ways that people display and hang their Christmas cards. Every year I also forget to buy Christmas cards until the last minute. Here we have it folks – feeling extremely smug right now. Both were €2. 

And last but most certainly not least. The little people who live on fireplaces. Would you just look at them? The reindeer looks like he’s about to offer you a cup of tea, and the little boy just wants to throw his snowball. They are charming little trinkets and only €2.50 each if I remember correctly. They are warming their hands by the little fires, courtesy of Penneys for the handsome price of €1.50. I can’t understand why I didn’t buy more. Little led tealights that litterally switch on? Anyone with a toddler will know how revolutionary this felt to me.

It seems a bit weird to emphasise Penneys/Primark as being “good value”. I don’t know, a little bit like stating the obvious or something? But I genuinely feel like Penneys have outdone themselves in recent times. They have reached a point where their sense of style and quality is on a par with some of the more expensive exclusive brands and yet they continue to maintain their affordable prices. 

I left the store with a spring in my step and I simply cannot wait to showcase these beauties around my home this Christmas.

Did you pick up any festive bits and bobs in Penneyes/Primark this year? What did I miss? Another trip before Christmas is a definite possibility. Sure I need socks….