Hi Everyone, 
I wanted to share this clothing haul with you because I know a lot of my readers are parents who also have a Minion fan in their household. There is something so adorable about the moment your child shows an interest in a particular character or brand. It doesn’t matter how far away it is, they seem to have an uncanny ability to spot the colours and symbols from a mile away. We have been in parks, shopping centres and public transport when out of nowhere Billy will shout “NINION!!!!”. He has now graduated from calling it “Onion”. He absolutely adores all things Minion. 
Searching “Minion” on Youtube has been a life-saver on many occassions for us. It’s distracted him or calmed him down during some of the more challenging moments. He loves to hear them sing, “talk” and watch them dance around the screen. It is a character (characters?) he has fallen in love with and it lights up his face the moment he sees it. 
At the weekend Billy’s Daddy decided to treat him. He brought him to Dundrum Town Centre and spoiled him with a Minion Inspired Clothing Haul. Every single item he bought was Minion themed. He didn’t have to look very far because this brand is huge. I had no idea that these pieces were even available so I thought it might come in handy for some of you too. Oh, and did I mention the clothing haul was purchased with a voucher that Billy’s Daddy was given for Christmas? He spent it on Billy rather than himself. He’s a good skin, Mr Love Of Living. 
All items were purchased in H&M and Penneys. The Minion hat was later gifted to Billy that very same day. His Nana and Grandad had picked it up for him in Dubai. I did tell you he was obsessed! It’s a lovely warm hat and I know he will get lots of wear out of it! 

I adore these PJs. We got size 2-4 because I want Billy to get as much wear out of them as possible. They were €14.99 in H&M and the quality of H&M Pyjamas are always brilliant. They have a lovely stretchy cotton texture. I am also a huge fan of those cuffed sleeves and bottoms as they keep the heat in.

Two every-day t-shirts. One short sleeved and one long-sleeved. The yellow and white one (top) was picked up for €7 in H&M. It was on sale and should have been €12.99. The darker t-shirt (below) was just €6 in Penneys. It feels like great quality and I can tell that it will wash well.

 These two long-sleeved tops were both picked up in H&M. They are so practical in this cooler weather. They have a lovely stretch to them and were part of the “two for €14” offer in the store.

So there we have it. A cute Minion themed haul for the little man. He is twenty months now and we went for a slightly bigger size to get the most wear out of everything. I’m beginning to sound like my mother….

Until next time,

Tracey x