Let me first start off by saying I am not paid to promote Aveeno and will always be transparent and honest about any products that have been sent to me. Aveeno is a product I discovered all by myself (imagine) and I just really want to share it with you.

When Billy was a couple of months old he started to develop these angry red patches all over his body. At this point we were just using Silcocks base mixed with warm water to bathe him. We had very quickly learnt out lesson about using some of the harsher products on the market. Some of those baby bath brands have incredible marketing teams and advertising ideas but let’s just say we ended up dumping a massive bag full of them when Billy was just a few weeks old. They are far too harsh for a precious newborn’s skin. Anyway, as with many things I had to just find that out for myself. I’m glad I did.

We had started bathing Billy every night as part of his bed-time routine. God love us, we must have been under some sort of illusion back then that it was helping him to sleep. Anything to improve things in that department eh? All jokes aside bath-time before bed is actually a very powerful thing to do as part of your baby’s bedtime routine. For many baby’s it totally relaxes them and sends them the signal that it’s almost bed-time. It’s the sense of familiar I suppose. Sure don’t we all feel a bit sleepy after a lovely warm bath? It make sense.

We realised pretty quickly that bathing our little man every night was not a good idea. His skin was incredibly sensitive and having a bath every night was just too harsh for him. We started bathing him twice a week and it made a big difference. He still had a lot of flare-ups though. It was heartbreaking to see the sore patches of skin all over his body. He didn’t even have a particularly angry case of it either. Some babies and children have chronic eczema and their skin can bleed a lot and be incredibly painful.

I started to wonder if dairy was making it worse. I was still breastfeeding Billy but he had quite a large amount of yogurt and cheese in his diet. To this day I am not sure if dairy was a trigger but for many babies it is. It is something I continue to keep an eye on.

One day my mother in law (OK, we’re not married and we are living in sin but it sounds better OK?) suggested trying Aveeno. She had bought me a lovely hamper for myself when I had given birth to Billy. She raved about how they were fragrance free and really gentle on delicate skin. Let’s just say this was welcomed with open arms after Billy’s Birth.

We decided to give it a bash. One of the main ingredients in Aveeno is Oats and Oats have a natural ability to soothe and soften skin. It seemed like a no-brainer to give it a go. Well since that day I would never use anything else. We now bath Billy twice a week and only use this Aveeno body wash in the bath. We then moisturise his entire body with the moisturiser. His skin has been completely transformed and it is smooth and perfect these days. I still cannot believe it.

Of course it could be a combination of things that have improved his skin so drastically but I truly believe that Aveeno has been 99% of the reason. A couple of week’s ago we ran out of it and just used Silcocks base in Billy’s bath. Despite being very very gentle on a baby’s skin he still ended up with very dry patches immediately after. His next Aveeno bath transformed his skin again. It was at that point that I just knew this was what had made all the difference.

I highly HIGHLY recommend giving these products a go if you are having similar issues with your child’s skin. It is fragrance free but has a beautiful natural scent from the oat essence. It’s just gorgeous. I have seen Aveeno in several pharmacies around Ireland but you might be lucky enough to pick it up while it is on sale. They were €10.95 each in Superdrug yesterday which is full-price. I decided to hold off and we picked both up for the total price of €15 yesterday in McCabes Pharmacy in Dundrum Town Centre. Both of these products will last us a couple of months. If I see them on special offer I will be sure to let you all know.

10/10 from us. If you decide to give it a try don’t forget to let me know how you get on. You can hear me ramble on a bit more about this product by following me on Snapchat. My username is traceyquinn89

Thanks For Reading,

Tracey x