As much as I love eating out, I do generally try to avoid restaurants on big celebration days such as Valentines Day and Mothers Day. It tends to be that little bit too busy and usually the menus are a little bit different, often offering less options than usual. 

This will be my second Mother’s day since becoming a Mammy. It now feels extra special. I look forward to seeing my Mam, Mother In Law (as good as) and being the Mammy on the day myself. It’s a nice occasion to celebrate. I don’t mean to sound like a martyr but us mammies are so used to putting everyone else first so it’s nice to be treated in some way on this special day. 
Mother’s Day can be a difficult day in lots of ways too. It is a day where not everyone gets to spend it with their mothers or care-giver in their lives. It is a day that highlights loss and grief for a lot of people. In particular I will be thinking fondly of my Nanny Lillie this year. 
As much as I hate to feed in to commercial hype, I cannot resist a good bargain. Since becoming a mother I have a whole new appreciation for the joy that can be found in staying in and that is made even better when it involves some kind of delicious food. Friday is usually our night to get a take-away. I take the night “off” from cooking and we chill out with whatever takes our fancy. This week we are mixing it up a bit and our take-away is actually from Marks And Spencer. No cooking involved, just a simple case of popping it all in the oven and cracking open the bottle of wine. As a little early Mother’s Day treat we have really enjoyed their Dine In For Two offer this week. €14 for main course, sides, dessert and a bottle of wine for two. A lot cheaper than our usual take-away and restaurant standard food from the comfort of our own home. 
We decided to go for something a bit different this time. There were plenty of chicken, vegetarian and seafood options available but the Mousakka really caught out eye. The perfect combination of luxury and comfort food. Layers of lamb mince, courgette, aubergene and silky smooth bechamel sauce. It sounded too good to pass up. A simple yet delicious side of potato rosti was also the order of the day. In keeping with the theme of comfort dessert was none other than a good old Brambly apple pie. It was the perfect end to a really beautiful meal. Hard to believe that all of that food costs just €14. Even harder to believe that it also involves a bottle of wine. No fancy photography – just a plate of seriously good comforting grub. Sure where would you be going?


I can’t stress enough how delicious this range of food from M&S is. The Dine In For Two options usually require oven baking and very little fuss. They get the taste and presentation right every single time. It could be the perfect way to spend your Mother’s day. 
As for chocolates? They have those covered too. A beautiful selection of chocolates ranging from €5-€15. They are delicious and so elegantly packed. 
The above meal deal was gifted to me from Marks And Spencer but all opinions are completely my own.