We usually like to to go on holiday in September. Particularly now since we have welcomed Billy in to our lives. September tends to be a cooler time of year to go. We’ve stuck with the Canaries for the past three years and we have had the best of both worlds. Lovely weather but not unbearably warm either. Perfect for a child.

The only issue with going on holiday at the end of the Summer is that all the Summer clothes are well and truly off the shelves. We have found ourselves ordering bits and pieces online nearer the time. This year I wanted to be a bit more organized and actually pick up a few bits and pieces for Billy when the Spring/Summer collections were launched in stores.

Primark (Penneys) is always a favourite of ours for Billy’s clothes. In recent years the quality of the clothes has improved so much and it is now possible to pick up really good quality clothing items that are current and in line with fashion trends at any particular time.

The Spring/Summer 2016 collection at Primark impressed me so much. I was never more blown away by a visit to a Penneys store. It seemed to be the case that there was an unbelievable amount to chose from when it came to toddler boys. I knew I would have to restrain myself.

So I popped along to the Dundrum Town Centre store a couple of weeks away. I waited until Billy was napping in the pram and I sauntered around blissfully. I picked up some gorgeous pieces and I just had to share them with you.

The video below shows you exactly what we picked up. We spent €75 in total and as you will see we got the majority of his summer wardrobe. We are over the moon. All stock is currently available in Primark/Penneys across Ireland and the UK.