Hi Everyone, 
Sleep is a topic that seems to come up time and time again in the blogs that I read. It is such an emotive topic. I have always been really open and honest about Billy’s sleep and the issues we have had. He was never a “good sleeper” shall we say. We always did what felt natural and basically listened to our gut feelings. I don’t think you will ever go too far wrong if you do that. 
Thankfully at 22 months Billy is a lot better in the sleep department. He is by no means perfect but he has turned a massive corner. He will spend most nights in his cot from about 8pm until 6.30am with one wake-up. It’s like a different child. 
So I wanted to make this video to tell you that there is another way. If you are desperate for sleep you might find yourself considering all options. If Controlled Crying does not feel right then do not do it. We never will and that’s our decision. 
I hope this video gives you food for thought at the very least. There is a huge amount of pressure circulating when it comes to how your baby sleeps. Pressure from your family. friends and the media. Just remember, this too shall pass and better, brighter well-rested days are coming. I promise you. 
Here is a little video about why Controlled Crying was never going to be for us.