Well hello there, 

If you read my last weightloss post you will know that I have been following Slimming World since last July. In a little under nine month’s I have shed three stone and I genuinely have never felt better. It has been slow and steady, roughly a pound a week, but here I am. I’ve gone from a size 20 (pretending to be an 18) to now being a size 14. I never imagined that I could turn my health around in such a big way and still really enjoy food. 
I am a foodie. Apart from the comfort-eating and food addiction in the past, I still love food. I love cooking, watching demos, food shopping and discovering new and exciting products. I don’t believe that food-is-fuel and I never will. I’ve managed to find a balance where I can pretty much enjoy everything I want to eat and still lose weight. It’s a miracle really. 
I received my three stone award last week. I was over the moon! I couldn’t have done it without my sister. My partner in crime (you can follow her journey on Instagram. Her name is leanne_q_sw). She has lost over two stone herself. Between us we have waved goodbye to well over five stone. It still feels totally surreal. I think I just accepted that I would be over-weight forever. I couldn’t even blame pregnancy as the day I found out I was pregnant I was at my heaviest weight ever. 
But here I am. Doing it. It feels bloody brilliant. I’ve made a Youtube Video detailing my biggest motivaton for losing weight. His name is Billy and he is my whole world.