Another place ticked off the bucket list, and a place we will return to again and again. Newbridge House and Farm really stole the show for me at Flavours Of Fingal on Saturday. 
The event itself was brilliantly organized. The best I have ever seen when it comes to Family Friendly. A lot of these events often claim to do this but for whatever reason they just might not be. Sometimes the venue is not right. Other times it is a lack of something or too much of another. Then comes issues like the weather and your child’s mood. These days may have been anticipated and looked forward to for months. There is nothing worse than leaving one feeling disappointed. 
The opposite can be said for Flavours Of Fingal. I was lucky enough to have been invited to the event last weekend. It was a last minute thing and I didn’t have a whole lot of time to imagine what to expect. I had never been to Newbridge House And Farm so if nothing else it was a chance to go somewhere new. 
We woke up Saturday morning and pleaded with the weather to behave itself. As an outdoor/farm event the weather really could make or break the day for a family. Something totally out of every ones hands. We decided to chance it and I am delighted that we did. 
The day started with a really straight forward parking set up. We were ushered in to the Blue car park which had plenty of spaces and seemed to be very well organized. Often the parking situation can mean a day out can start off quite stressful and this was not the case at all. 
We were immediately greeted by the seriously impressive playground in Newbridge House And Farm. This is honestly the best I have ever seen. Particularly for older kids. It was a sight to behold. We then moved on to the petting farm area and what a treat this was. It was one of those situations where we could let Billy roam free out of his buggy and we didn’t fear for his safety. The farm is laid out so well. There is ample space for a large group to move around and children have the freedom to roam and discover without any great worry from the parents. This was one of the first times I ever felt this level of relaxation at an outdoor family space. Billy was in his element. He doted on baby pigs, danced for the many adorable baby chicks and chickens and had a good chat with the Billy Goats. He adored it. The highlight for me was the “mooternity ward” which houses the heavily pregnant cows. Very cute! 
The event itself was the next stop. We roamed through the next part of the farm as we admired the geese, ducks, rabbits, goats and sheep. Another really lovely open space where Billy could potter around with a new found sense of independence. I was so impressed with the set up. 
We instantly noticed the impressive kids zone. It houses bouncy castles and rides for all ages and it really looked the part. We took a left and ended up watching Sheep Dog Trials. Something I never thought I would witness but it was fascinating. We then moved in to green space where one could buy the farmer’s market products. Breads, cakes, fancy oils and ice-cream to name but a few. A lovely place to sample, potter and pick up some artisan products. The highlight for me was an aged Balsamic Vinegar infused with cherry. Outrageously good! Keoghs Crisps were on standby to satisfy my weekend crisps addiction. Nicest crisps on the market and they are Irish. I love this. 
Our bellies were starting to rumble at this point and I had been informed that the walled garden was the place to go. It did not disappoint. A live stage with brilliant music for all the family and a large space with plenty of jumbo bean bags to plonk your bum on. It was alive and full of happy families. There was a soft play area for young children and every type of food you could imagine. I particularly loved the area down the back which displayed some Irish start up food stalls. Everything from seafood pate (which we adored and purchased. Check it out here) to pizza bases, Irish Choritzo (incredible) and fancy baked beans. I loved exploring these stalls. In the end I went for a steak ciabatta from the mint green gourmet food truck. It was incredible. €9.50 including trips and absolutely restaurant standard. I can’t get over the quality of the meat. Proper mouth-watering lean steak pieces. I was a very happy lady! 
Other activities included pony rides, obstacle course for bikes (that they provided) and cake decoration classes. There really was something for everyone. The event had the vibe of a family festival and I just cannot say enough good things about it. People stayed all day and their dogs were welcome too. It just had that little extra spark that made it an event that I would be very sorry to miss in the future. We brought my Dad for the day out and it’s safe to say he was in his element. A very special day indeed. 
Well done Fingal Tourism and Fingal County Council. A beautiful event and a perfect location at Newbridge House And Farm. 
See you next year!