Who here has a sweet-tooth? I genuinely want to blame pregnancy because since I became pregnant (September 2014!) I feel that no meal is complete without a tasty sweet treat to round it off. I know I am not alone on this one. Slimming World hifi bars are a godsend for the most part. They give me that sweet fix without any guilt. Some people find them too sweet but I really love them. The toffee apple popcorn flavour is my all-time favourite and you can pick up a packet for €3 at your Slimming World group. 
Sometimes I find myself craving a proper dessert though. Cheesecake is up there as one of my favourites. A slice of cheesecake in a restaurant would generally equate to two full days worth of syns which really isn’t worth it. This is what I love about Slimming World. I have yet to find a meal or dish that I can’t Slimafy. This is such a dish. 
This dish has all the elements of a white chocolate cheesecake. The biscuit, the creamy white chocolate filling and the raspberries to compliment it (although you would technically want to have more raspberries than the picture shows in order to get the one third speed in. I think the Slimming World gods will forgive me on this rare occasion). 
I hosted a recent dinner part at my house. By dinner party I mean that I casually invited my sister and her boyfriend around for dinner. After a tense afternoon watching Ireland lose their spot in the Euros we were all in need of a good feed. I made this Slimming World Chicken Faghita Lasagne accompanied by Slimming World Chips, Garlic Bread made using my Healthy Extra A and B and a big leafy salad. It was really delicious and resulted in empty plates and happy faces. 
I wanted to make a dessert too. I know my sister loves cheesecake so this was perfect. The ingredients are easy to come by and it is hard to believe that an entire dessert comes in at just three syns. There is a lot of eating in it and it has the nicest texture. Thick and creamy cheesecake filling with crunchy biscuit and sweet raspberries. What is not to love?

Serves 4

You Will Need 

Two Tubs Of Quark. This is fat free cream cheese and is widely available in Dunnes, Tesco and Aldi.
4 Sachets Of Options White Hot Chocolate like this. One sachet per person at 2 syns each.
3 Tablespoons Of Granulated Sweetener such as Canderel or Stevia.
1 Punnet Of Raspberries.
8 Tea Biscuits. I got these ones in Dunnes Stores and they are half a syn each. You could also use any low syn biscuit but always check the syns so you are protecting your weight loss.

To Make 

Add both tubs of quark to one large bowl.
Mix in the sachets of white chocolate and the sweetener. Stir well.
In a zip lock bag crush 6 of the eight biscuits until they resemble crumbs.
Line each individual dessert dish with some of the biscuit.
Top the biscuit with the white chocolate cheesecake mixture.
Decorate with raspberries and half a biscuit per dessert (there should be two left).