I am a Penneys girl through and through. Who isn’t says you. I’m absolutely no fashionista but I like when one shop has everything that I need. That is Penneys in a nutshell. Since becoming a mother and moving in to my own home it is even more convenient. Any one trip can mean picking up bits and pieces for myself, my partner, my son and my home. There is nothing quite like the feeling of strutting down Henry street with an overflowing Penneys bag. Like a bag of treasure. Trawling through the bag when you get home and no doubt finding several items that must have “fallen” in to the bag. That is the beauty of Penneys. It doesn’t break the bank so shopping is a lot more carefree and fun. 
I recently attended the Penneys Autumn/Winter launch and was seriously impressed by the items of clothing, footwear and home ware that are about to hit shelves. I think Penneys have really taken it up a notch in recent times and are now considered as stylish as any of the more expensive high-street stores. 
Here are my top picks for Autumn/Winter at Penneys. Do any of these take your fancy? Let me know in the comments below. 
For Her 

I particularly adore the white blouse. Wouldn’t it be gorgeous with skinny jeans on a summers day? There is something about a crisp white top. I’m assuming I’ll look as unreal as this model yeah?
For Him 

I could see Peter looking very dapper in all of the above. I might just have to make that a reality. These are similar to items he has in the past bought from River Island and Burton. 
For The Kids

When you have a little boy it’s all about comfortable basics. These tracksuit bottoms are a favourite of ours already. They are a happy medium between tracksuit bottoms and leggings. I love that they come in at the bottom and they are super stretchy which makes them extremely comfortable for active little boys. They also wash very well! You can never have enough long sleeved tops to pair with these bottoms or with jeans so these colourful tops are just perfect. I am a bit obsessed with Avengers themed clothes on Billy so this grey jumper is a must. It is light enough to be a top in it’s own right but warm for a cooler day. The denim/tracksuit top is something I could never say no to. It’s absolutely gorgeous!
I’m not used to buying for a girl but I know these items would be adorable on my three year old cousin and on my best friend’s little girl. In fact, my friend did have a very similar pink jacket for her toddler and it came all the way from Japan. She will be delighted to know that she can pick one up in Penneys. I can never say no to cute hats and footwear either. So pretty! 
For Your Home
There is a marble and rose gold theme here. How cool is the marble pillow? I also adore the soft colours of the other pillows. And it’s true – the snuggle is real. 
Since going freelance and working for myself I have become even more obsessed with stationary. My kitchen table generally has about ten notebooks on it. Seeing pretty notebooks makes me feel inspired and organized. I have noticed a bit of a pileup of paper and magazines though. This stand alone organizer will be perfect to house the recent editions of Easy Parenting that my articles appear in. 
So there we have it – my favourite pics for Autumn/Winter at Penneys. What items do you like the best? I’m seriously impressed.