You may have read my post about the trip to London I went on a couple of weeks ago. Netflix treated us to a really special experience where we ate great food, watched great TV and did everything from crafting to randomly drinking Prosecco and eating indulgent chocolates in a little library. Want to hear more about it? Read this post. 

The trip served as a great way of learning about the great summer ahead with Netflix. There are literally so many new shows and I have never been so excited to sift through them all.
I tend to break down my Netflix preferences in to categories. First there are the things I like to watch by myself… when I am ironing. I recently decided that I had to do something to make the dreaded task more bearable. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I just hate ironing. 99% of our clothes don’t get ironed but there are a couple of things that I can’t really get away with. In some crazy twist of fate I now find myself actually looking forward to ironing because I know it’s an opportunity for me to binge on my favourite Netflix shows. I lose myself in the shows and before I know it I have a lovely little pile of freshly ironed clothes and a happy little heart. 
I am loving Gilmore Girls. Like seriously, could a show depict my formative years any more? I adored this show when I was a kid and I basically wanted to be Rory. She represented the kind of sarcasm and shyness that I could in no way relate to. I was pretty much the opposite of Rory but liked to think that I could someway relate to her. I also fancied the pants off Chad Michael Murray (which was further cemented by his character in A Cinderella Story). 
Gilmore Girls is the ultimate escape for me. Transporting me back in time and taking me away from dirty dishes and meal planning. 
Couple Time Binge is a bit trickier in our house. Myself and Peter tend to disagree on all things TV. I’m very fussy about what I watch and tend to steer clear of anything too violent or sad. It’s my way of protecting myself from the emotions I suppose. Even Peaky Blinders is a bit too much for me. I will however take one for the team to appreciate Cillian Murphy’s beautiful eyes and cheekbones. Isn’t he a sight to behold? Peter on the other hand will watch just about anything. He is a total TV buff and just jumps from series to series. Finding something we can watch together is never straightforward. 
We have finally found something to watch together this summer though. When I was in London we got to preview an episode of Netflix’ new original show Stranger Things. Since then it has been making a huge noise on the Internet. Everyone is loving it and we are no different. It’s totally unlike anything I have ever watched before and it has served to show me that maybe I need to open my mind a bit more when it comes to what I “allow” myself to watch. Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder and centres around the story of a missing boy. I won’t give much away but let’s just say it reminds me of ET (but is not appropriate for children) and is brilliantly shot. The music is fantastic and the 80’s period touches are just brilliant. I really recommend this show. We are just a couple of episodes in but I’m really enjoying it. Watch the trailer here.
Kids Stuff is pretty self explanatory but is very important. Netflix affords us little pockets of time to make the dinner, do a quick clean up or just sit on our bums for a few minutes. Having constant access to shows Billy enjoys is fundamental to day to day survival. OK so that might sound dramatic but it’s true. Anyone with a toddler will know what I’m harping on about here. The age old favourite would be Fireman Sam. Billy is obsessed with this show and it’s borderline unhealthy at this stage but sure look nobody is perfect. I recently discovered that Fireman Sam is on Netflix and this was music to my ears. I no longer have to trawl through Youtube or show him the same shoes over and over again. 
We are also really excited about Word Party which is a Jim Henson Company production. It focused on vocabulary building and has adorable dancing baby animals. Who wouldn’t love that? You can watch the trailer here