We live in a strange old time where quite frankly there will always be something interesting to see on the Internet. It has evolved in such a way that it would be impossible to stay completely on top of the topics that interest you. Stories go viral in seconds and disappear in to dust once the next big story emerges. It is a time where you have to consciously switch off, forget the Internet and do other things like reading a book. Reading is always something I have adored and unfortunately it has taken a back seat with the nature of the work I am doing and the way digital marketing and social media have changed. I really don’t want my son to think that all good things come to us via a screen though. 
I’ve recently developed a love for Snapchat. I use it for daily vlogging (talking to my phone about what I am eating) and I love how personal it is. There are about twenty other accounts that I follow religiously. They are all super active accounts and at any time of the day I will have interested content to watch. It’s the magic of the everyday really isn’t it? I thoroughly enjoy the snaps of someone baking healthy cookies with their toddler and in the next breath gushing at the extravagant life that a model is leading. I think we are all a bit nosy and Snapchat kind of feeds that. It also unites us all. We may be sitting in different kitchens around the globe but the world suddenly feels like a tiny place. I love that intimacy. You can find me there at traceyquinn89. 
One of the lovely accounts I began to follow last year was that of Fiona Dillon (HuntersLodge on Snapchat). She was recommend by another Snapchatter that I followed (as is often the way this social media platform works) and I immediately loved her. She has a fabulously calming voice first and foremost. I really have a thing about voices and Fiona’s is lovely. Then there is her garden. She will casually introduce you to her Goose Mahatma Gander and show you the beautiful herbs and vegetables that are growing in her garden. She is a mother and business and business woman who is passionate about self sufficiency. Her message is about growing your own food, knowing where it comes from and living the good life. I recently attended one of her Dream It Do It events in Airfield Estate and it was an inspirational day where Fiona’s story really touched me. A long and meandering road has lead her to the wonderful character of Freddy Buttons. 
Freddy Buttons is Fiona’s original children’s book series and it is simply beautiful. Everything from the style, size and layout of the books right down to the illustrations, themes and tales themselves. They are beautiful books and I have simply adored sharing them with my son. When I sit down to read Billy one of these books I am living in the present. Something I am not so good at. I am sharing a special moment with my son and showing him two of my favourite things in the world. Reading and food. My two passions in life. I studied English Literature in UCD and went on to do an MA in Drama And Performance. I am all about the story-telling, the drama and the colourful world of make-believe. I am also extremely passionate about food, where it comes from and how to enjoy it the most. 
I’ve recently written a lot about my weight loss journey. I have changed the way I think about food and it is really important to me that Billy has a positive relationship with it. These books inspire that kind of thing. He is learning about where honey comes from, how apples grow and the beautiful journey from earth to our plates. It is truly wonderful. 
More than anything I love that these books are Irish. We need to support the businesses that put our little island on the map. Buying the Freddy Buttons series is going to mean sharing relevant local information and tales with your children while at the same time supporting a local family business. 
You can pick up your own set of books on the Freddy Buttons Website. I am confident that you will love them as much as we do. 

Disclaimer – I was very kindly sent a collection of these books. However I was under no instruction or obligation to write or talk about them. All words and thoughts here are completely my own.