First things first – this post is not Sponsored and I have absolutely no affiliation to the companies behind these apps. None whatsoever. I genuinely just found two apps that have been total game-changers for me as a parent.


The first one is associated with my beloved photo taking. Sure I’ll give you a bit of background while you’re here. I take a LOT of photos. A minimum of 5 a day. It’s just one of those things. I know how important it is to live in the moment but I also really enjoy framing the moment and applying a sexy filter to it.


I bought a 65GB One Plus phone (again, no affiliation or Sponsorship here). It’s the new kid on the block and is basically a brand that make phones that have the same (or better) spec than the latest I Phone and Samsung. It’s a Chinese brand but you buy them via the UK and they are worth their weight in gold. Half the price of their mainstream counterparts and everything from their physical look to the way they are packaged is just slick. Mine arrived within 3 days.


Now 64GB is a fairly massive amount of storage space for most people. But I very recently reached the capacity of my phone’s memory and the phone started giving me terrible trouble. The memory settings told me that photos and videos were taking up 90% of the space. No surprise really. So I found myself in a bit of a pickle. The phone was struggling to even open Snapchat, never mind actually record a video or take a photo. It was freezing every few minutes and was basically unusable for the most part. I found myself in that dilemma that many people will relate to – phone not functioning but in absolute fear of losing the precious photographs and videos on it.


And this is where the app comes in. Ever hear of Google Photos? You probably have it on your phone right now. I know it automatically popped up when I signed in to my gmail account when setting the phone up initially. I thought nothing of it and maybe you did too. Listen up though, she is a beauty! I put a status up on Facebook asking everyone for advice on how to restore  my phones factory settings without losing all of my media. Could I transfer my photos and videos somewhere safe in the world of the internet and then wipe my phone so I could start fresh and begin to live it again? Yep – Google Photos. GOOGLE FRICKIN’ PHOTOS people.


So I opened the app and started to browse. I was completely skeptical about the whole thing. I had over 6,000 photos and it started to transfer them…. Upload them? Store them? Whatever it does – it did it. I set it so that all of my Whatsapp photos, Facebook Photos and General Photos automatically uploaded to the…. the thing. The cloud or whatever the hell it is. The place that transcends the phone that you took the photos on. The place that keeps them safe and happy and easily accessible.

First came the task of transferring my current stash. The 6,000 photos began to do their thing. One by one the symbol stamped on each photo changed and the number of photos remaining got smaller and smaller. At first it was quite slow and I quickly realized that I had to just kind of forget about the phone for a few hours. 9 to be exact. After 9 hours every single photo had saved to Google Photos. But how did I know this for sure? Weeeell it just so happens that Google Photos gives you access to all your media from any device or a PC through your gmail account. So I logged on through my laptop, clicked the top right icon with the 9 tiles – clicked “more” and then “even more from Gmail”. This is where you will find Google Photos. Upon clicking it I saw every single photo. All of them! Even better was that I could access them via date. It made the OCD in me very happy. The app also categorizes them in to various themes and titles. You can look at a whole album dedicated to playgrounds. It literally picks any photo that is taken in a playground and saves it there. Isn’t technology amazing?


So I was a brave girl and pressed the “restore factory settings” button. Part of me was expecting the whole thing to be a disaster but at least I had tried to save my photos and videos. When the phone restarted I quickly downloaded Google Photos and went straight to the app. When I opened it I immediately saw all my photos and I jumped for joy. The memory of my phone was still around the 60GB mark and yet all my photos were housed in this tidy little place. It didn’t affect the memory of my phone at all. The only memory used was the app itself.
I have found this app to be a total game-changer and I have a feeling many of you will too! Any questions, just ask me below and I’ll happily help if I can. This is how it looks when I open the app on my phone.

And then we come to app number two. I’ll keep this short and sweet.
Does your child love watching You Tube? Actually, I’ll rephrase that – do you NEED your child to watch You Tube so that you can do things like stuff food in your mouth, change their nappy without getting poo on your face or survive that dreaded public transport journey. Yes? You would be one of many.


Now, in the midst of this You Tube viewing, does your child constantly touch the screen and come off the app or the page that the video was displayed on? It is head-wrecking. You have to re-open the page again and again and it defeats the whole point of the video saving the day.

Regularly I used to say that there should be a way of locking your phone so that your child cannot come off that screen or page on your phone. I hear people say it all the time. It makes so much sense like.
Well GUESS WHAT? There is such a thing and it’s rocking our little world right now.

Download the app “Touch Lock” and prepare to be amazed.

You are welcome!