Hi Everyone,


Delighted that the Slimming World Survival Guide post went down so well. So many of you found it helpful and that was exactly my intention. I am definitely going to make it a monthly thing. We all need a little help along the way and any tips and tricks that come my way are always worth sharing with you guys. I’ve battled so long with my weight and I still can’t quite believe that I am doing this. That I have shifted 53.5 pounds and I am officially a healthy weight. It feels like a dream – but a very nice one of course.


Speaking of things that help you along the way, I’ve been wanting to try out the Slimming World range at Iceland for a long time. I cook everything from scratch but I am human so naturally every now and then I need something quick and easy. Something that doesn’t involve too much chopping, cleaning and prep. Usually that tends to mean something that isn’t exactly on plan. Convenience food is generally high in fat and calories and that is why it pays to cook everything from scratch. These days I can’t imagine going to the shop and buying a jar of pasta sauce or ready meals. They are full of syns and just not worth it. For this very reason the Slimming World range at Iceland really intrigued me. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to whip up a quick dinner on a night that I was stuck for time and know that it was syn-free. That is the best thing about the range. Everything is syn free. I personally would always try to add some extra speed food in if you could just to make sure you’re getting the 1/3 but realistically you would probably be fine.


As you might know I work alongside Channel Mum quite a bit. I am a sponsored Vlogger and I make all sorts of videos on my youtube channel. You can subscribe here. Channel Mum work closely with Iceland and we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with them in the past. When the opportunity for a Date Night with Iceland came along I jumped at the chance. I was even more delighted when I realized that I could actually organize a date night at home without going off the rails food-wise. It was the perfect opportunity to try out the Slimming World range once and for all. FYI – if you can’t get to an Iceland (there are actually quite a few in Dublin – Bellyfermott and Finglas for example) they do free delivery when you order €30 worth of products. Well worth it for this range alone.

Slimming World Iceland

The best part of the experience was that I didn’t have to lift a finger. Channel Mum set Peter the challenge to treat me to the meal. I sat back and relaxed while Peter did the work. As you can imagine Iceland made it very easy for him and this was honestly the best part of it all. The clean-up was pretty much non-existent and we got restaurant quality food for the price of a take-away. Naturally we had three courses, too much food and plenty of wine. WHAT? There has to be a bit of boldness in there….


If you would like to see how we got on check out our video below. Warning – there is some embarrassing Dad Dancing….