We have just returned from a week in sunny Fuerteventura. Regular readers of my blog will know that this has come to be our favourite holiday desination and we just keep returning year after year. It has everything for us. It’s family friendly and everything is accessible via walking. The beautiful weather is a huge attraction too. Caleta De Fuste is just a 10 minute taxi journey from the airport in Fuerteventura. This is another huge plus. After a long day of travelling the last thing we want to do is put the toddler through another long journey on a bus or in a taxi. €15 (including a tip) got us there straight from outside the airport. No need for booking transfers. Easy.

We went a little later than normal this year. Just by a few weeks but we were a little apprehensive about the weather. The other halfs parents went a week later last year and it rained for quite a few days. We prepared outselves for the very real possibility that it might rain. We would make the most of it and still enjoy quality family time. A huge part of this holiday, for me, was the fact that I wouldn’t be cooking all week. That in itself is hugely relaxing. No meal planning, no groceries and no cleaning up. We went all inclusive.




After last year’s all inclusive experience we are hooked. We always thought All Inclusive was something only rich people did. We are very much working class and we have realized that actually all inclusive works out cheaper if you have children. You just need the money sooner. If you add up the daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, ice-cream, beers and wine (scandalous I know) and compare that to the extra € that all inclusive ads on to your accomodation booking, you actually save money. We just loved it! Picking exactly what we wanted each day for every meal. It was so exciting. Taking as much or as little of what you wanted. It worked our brilliant for bigger families too as it really catered for fussy children. If a child really likes pasta they could have tonnes of it. I saw one child having 7 sausages one morning. OK so maybe not the healthiest, but my point is that there was plenty of food to allow for everyone having exactly what they wanted.


Last year we stayed at Caleta Dorada and we really enjoyed the food. There was a great selection. I would say Broncemar was just as good but my levels of enjoyment this year were much higher. A year has made a huge difference to Billy. Last year he did this screaming thing which made all meal times very stressful. He also didn’t have as much interest in food as he does now. Meal times were genuinely relaxing for the week and that was honestly the best part. What I loved about Broncemar was the opportunity to sit outside and eat. It was a lovely relaxed setting. We used to go down a little later when it was less busy. That worked best for us and there was always plenty of food and choices. There was always salad, fruit, bread, cheese and generic things like chips and pasta. Then there was mayve 3-4 hot meal dishes such as stew, curry or BBQ ribs. Fresh fish was always available (and delicious) as well as a constant supply of rice in the form of a mixed veg/meat rice or Paella. We just loved it. Wine, beer and juice are also on tap. I can honestly say that I would struggle to go back to non all-inclusive. It’s 90% because we have Billy. It is a no-brainer for us. Every mealtime meant that he could have a little bit of this and a little bit of that and he just loved it.



It was the perfect family getaway and like most years I just know it won’t be our last time there. We know where all the good restaurants, playgrounds and beaches are. The place is just so child friendly. We personally visited about 5 playgrounds. You never had to look far for one. Our complex had one aswel which was brilliant. The main beach in Caleta De Fuste was being renovated this year, but if you take a right there is a fabulous 15 minute walk to the next beach and it is well worth it. It is a beautiful pedestrianised sea-walk with breath-taking views. It is a big wide path so it’s just ideal for a stroll in the sunshine. You will see people in the cycle lane on various bikes and scooters which you can hire. It looks like great fun.




If you are visiting Caleta there are two restaurants we really recommend. La Bodeguita is by far our favourite. It is a big Italian restaurant that is super family friendly and directly faces a playground which makes it even better. The staff are so nice and helpful and the food is incredible. Nicest Bruchetta I have ever had and it gets better every single year. We also return here at least once. It is great for lunch or dinner. The location couldn’t be better as it’s right in the middle of the square and no more than a five minute walk from Broncemar. Plenty of high chairs and even a screen with cartoons on it for the kids. Fusion 22 is an Indian restaurant we love too. It is about a 10 minute stroll from the centre but is so worth the visit. The food is always unreal! Their Peshwari Naan bread was out of this world this year.


Other highlights include The Windmill Bar. It’s just a normal British Bar but is conveniently located right at the square and it has a PLAYGROUND out the back. We may have spent two nights there this time round and Billy was wired and delighted with all his new friends until that hour! Two for one drinks nearly all the time too. I’d also definitely check out the little creperie on the corner in the main square. It’s a cafe that has a little hatch and it’s a lovely dessert treat in the evening. I went for Nutella, Banana and Buts. That place also does lovely food and the best coffee in the town.


Billy slept really well on holidays. On the first night he fell asleep on my shoulder. It was one of those special moments where I realized how lucky I was to be a Mammy. The other nights we usually went for a wander after dinner and eventually his little legs would retire to the buggy where he would fall asleep. I’d always make sure he had a fresh nappy on so when we got home I just took his clothes off and put him in to the bed. We didn’t  bother asking for a travel cot. Instead we pushed the beds together and Billy slept on the inside at the wall. It worked really well and we had plenty of space for us all. We let him nap for as long as he wanted. On a day we went to the beach (4 our of 7 days) he would nap in the buggy while we relaxed in the sun. It was amazing. There was one day though…. where the tide came in and I hadn’t realized because I was so stuck in to reading my magazine. It washed up on to Peter’s legs and woke him up. He jumped up frantically and it was one of the funniest moments of the trip. I was crying with laughter and Billy was still out cold. We also brought the monitors on holidays so we could sit out on the patio and have a drink together when Billy slept. It was handy being able to grab a drink from the free all-inclusive bar (till 11pm) and bring it back to our little balcony area (technically against the rules but I like to live on the edge…).


The actual travelling went really well. He slept for nearly two hours on the way over and three on the way back. Thank you universe. We travelled with Ryanair and I have a lot of time for that airline because the flights are always on time. This makes all the difference when  you are travelling with a child. We bought snacks on the plane but availed of the €5 Boots meal deal in the airport as we usually do. It’s much cheaper and nicer food. The airport in Fuerteventura is great too. It has an aquarium and a PLAY GROUND in the airport. It’s amazing. The playground was right beside our boarding gate so Billy happily went up and down the slide until the moment we actually joined it to walk on to the plane. It made all the difference.


So there we have it. A wondeful holiday was had by all. We will definitely return to Caleta De Fuste and I just cannot recommend it enough for families. Everything is flat so there are no big hills or anything. Tonnes of lovely places to walk, eat and play. The weather is fabulous too. We were very lucky and just one day got a bit of rain. But it was like warm tropical rain, lasted about an hour and the rest of the week was 25-30’C. It was glorious. In mid October like.
There is nothing quite like this level of quality time  away from cooking, housework, bills and diets. If you would like to see more of our holiday you can check out our vlog here.



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