Hello Hello,


Very soon we’ll be heading away on our “summer holiday”. I know it’s Autumn but we usually go in late September or early October. We’re a bit late this year so the weather is a bit of a gamble but we are EXCITED. We’re going back to the same place we’ve been to for the last four years. When you have children there is a lot to be said for knowing a place and just knowing exactly what to expect when you get off the plane. We know that it’s only €10 (and 5 minutes) in a taxi from the airport. We know where the local supermarket is and we know all the good places to eat. We are going away for a week so it means we can actually enjoy the full week. I think a 10 day holiday kind of allows for those days that you’re figuring things out.

As usual I’m a bit of a last minute nelly on the packing front. Like, I’m really organized in most respects but I find the whole packing thing so stressful because 50% of the things we need are still in use right up to the day of the flight. That just freaks me out because I end up having this random suitcase of clothes and none of the things that we really need for Billy. That’s my logic anyway. I did have a load of work to do before we go so I had to prioritise that and IN MY DEFENCE my child does not bloody sleep, so time is very precious. I have been spending my evenings working rather than packing bit by bit. It took me a solid week to actually get around to the pile of holiday ironing that I was “doing tonight”. It’s been a slow process but I’m nearly there.

We might be going to the same place as last year but we’re going with an entirely different human. There is no comparison between infant and fully fledged toddler. The big difference this year is that Billy has his own seat. Better still, a seat he has to sit in for take off, landing and anytime the fasten seatbelt sign comes on. This should be… interesting. I’m not worried about the holiday itself. I can handle the weather not being amazing and I wouldn’t waste my time worrying about little man’s routine and sleep schedule because he doesn’t do it very well at home as it is. We’re going to encourage (and enjoy) long naps and go with the flow. Then when we get home we need to accept the fact that naps just need to go. We need to ensure that our child is wall-falling at the end of the day to encourage him to sleep. Sorry son, but you’ve done this yourself.

So yes. A flight with a 2 and a half year old. It’s 4.5 hours which is nothing compared to some of you seasoned flyers but I am a wee bit nervous about it. We just need to make sure we are prepared for every eventuality basically. Enough snacks, toys and emergency supplies. I think I’ve managed to pull it together. I even made a Youtube video about it. If you would like to know what we (I) packed in our two year old’s hand luggage then you can watch the video here.



I look forward to filling you in on our holiday adventures, spamming you with cheesy cliched photos and telling you that the holiday was a great opportunity for the little man to do some soul-searching and come to the realization that this sleep stuff is a fun time.

Happy holidays!