The very lovely Kate from Kate Takes 5 is celebrating her 6th blogging birthday with an equally lovely linky. She has documented her five favourite blog posts from over the years and I’ve decided to join in and do the same.


I’ve been blogging for three years now. It started as a pregnancy diary and naturally morphed in to a Mammy Blog. I’ve talked about the highs, the lows and the confusing grey areas of being a parent in Ireland. As time went on it morphed in to a place of all things life for me. I write about the things and people I love, even if they are difficult things to talk about at times. Love Of Living, ’tis in the name. Life isn’t all sunshine and lollypops but I’ve realized through writing things down that there are a lot more rainbows than clouds. It’s my happy place. My sounding board.


The blog has recently undergone a make-over. The people over at Right Track Media gave it a bit of blogging botox if you will. She’s looking a bit slicker (I hope). A bit cleaner and just had an injection of fresh air. Since starting this blog three years ago I’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredible brands, PR companies and people. It has also opened doors for me in the writing world. I now write for Family Friendly HQ, Easy Parenting Magazine and I am a Channel Mum Sponsored Vlogger on Youtube. But most all I have made so many real life friends through blogging. Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts.


Here are my five favourite blog posts from over the years.


  1. Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas 




I love this post because it reminds of such a happy time in my life. I was seven months pregnant and casually holidaying in Las bloody Vegas. For a worrier and someone who generally doesn’t step too much out of my comfort zone this one was huge. We were nearly not allowed to go because I was so pregnant. It was all a bit mad and our parents were worried I’d give birth in the sky, but it was one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. It was also our babymoon – our last trip away before two became three.


2.   Baby Byrne’s Birth Story





Do I need to explain this one? The best day of my life. It is a long one but it’s so nice to have this to read back over. Even now, just looking at the pictures, it fills me with happy tears. Thank you universe.


3.   Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies





Well firstly, food. We all know how much I love the stuff. This is a particularly unreal recipe for a cookie. Very similar to the M&S ones. The reason I love this post is the confession at the end though. Makes me laugh even now.


4.    My Anxiety Medication





A very personal post and my first time to talk about suffering with anxiety. It got an unbelievable response and I felt so much better for writing it.


5.     The Last Feed -The End Of An Era


Oh God, I can’t EVEN. This still makes me emotional. He turned two in June and July marked the very last breastfeed. Never did I think I would be breastfeeding Billy when he was two but I am so happy that I was. This was a hard one to write.




And there we have it. For bonus points I also love this post about my weightloss and this one about when Peter popped the question in May this year.
Thanks for sticking with me!