As you all know I am a huge fan of Netflix. I’m lucky enough to be a member of the Irish Netflix Stream Team and recently had a fabulous trip to London to celebrate all things Netflix.


To be honest this is the first month that I’ve actually considered cancelling our “normal telly”. We have a package with broadband, phone and TV but when I come to think of it I am currently watching 90% of my TV on Netflix these days. It really puts it in to perspective. I think we are definitely living in the age of series’. Every other Facebook group I am in usually has a thread where someone has asked for series recommendations. The word Netflix has just become synonymous with normal TV watching.


The whole idea of a series is definitely the basis of Family Bonding in this house. Peter and I rarely agree on the same TV choices but in advance we can always find something that we can enjoy together on Netflix. There is usually a list in our heads of suitable shows, documentaries and series’.


I think one of the main reasons for my tendency to only watch Netflix these days is because it’s easier. Netflix is all Billy watches. Unlike me he doesn’t exactly sit down to watch TV at a certain time. Netflix is (don’t judge me) pretty much on for most of the day in this house. It’s the only way I can get things done. He adores Fireman Sam, Paw Patrol and most recently has discovered Peppa Pig since we saw the live show in The Olympia Theatre a few weeks ago. All of these shows are on Netflix. For that reason it is a no-brainer! So when Billy goes for a nap I find that it’s just much easier to search for a show or documentary on Netflix while I have it open anyway. I find myself gravitating towards Gilmore Girls, Pretty Little Liars and old episodes of Made In Chelsea. Easy watching and not too “thinky”.


Speaking of thinky – have you seen Black Mirror? Mother of God that series will make you THINK. It’s quite intense but really cleverly done. It makes me a bit scared about the future in terms of social media and our children’s lives. It is thought provoking though and that is never a bad thing. After the first episode I actually decided to stop watching it as it wasn’t all unicorns and clouds. Then I told myself to cop on. Everyone is obsessed with the series and I can really see why. Give it a go!


So family bonding – Netlfix really does that for us. Yesterday myself and the little man snuggled up on the sofa and watched Thomas The Tank Engine Movie. He adored it. It has a combination of cartoon and real human actors. He loves it and I actually found it quite watchable. Since Billy turned 2 we get these little pockets of calmer moments to just relax together and have a little snuggle watching TV. It is adorable.


So what is new on Netflix this month? Gilmore Girls A Day In The Life is causing quite the stir. These two ladies represent all things family. Their relationship transcends mothers and daughter. It brings me right back to my pre-teen years and I just cannot wait to watch this one. It streams from 25th November 2016.




The Crown is something I am SO excited about too. I watched the trailor for this at the Netflix London Event and I felt so excited. The costumes, the accents and the absolute drama. This is going to be a firm favourite for me and I plan to start it tonight. It started streaming on 4th November.


And for the little man? The little bugs are back and better than ever. He adores Beat Bugs and we now have a whole new stock of episodes to amuse him with. Seeing my little man sing The Beatles songs makes me giddy. Take a bow Netflix, this one is seriously brilliant.


It’s going to be a good month. Darker evenings, colder weater and loads of tea drinking and family cuddles on the couch. Thanks Netflix, this is the good stuff!




As a member of the Irish Netflix Streamteam I have been gifted with a free Netflix subscription. I keep my readers up to date with Netflix news and tell you about what we are watching.