Why oh why is this so emotional? I mean I knew it always would be, but it really feels like a huge milestone.


It’s no secret that I adore the little man’s hair. It is wild, crazy and full of of random curls. It just totally represents his personality and I really love it. Thankfully everyone else does too. The last thing on my mind was a haircut. Like I had no interest in the traditional “baby’s first haircut” milestone. I was more than happy to skip that one and keep his hair long. A few weeks ago the hair at the front started totally covering his eyes though. We regularly pop it up in a pony tail which is so adorable but it isn’t really an option to do it every single day. My gut feeling was telling me that the time was approaching that we would need to have the front part trimmed. I don’t like the idea of his eyes being covered. It was starting to very obviously irritate him and that is not something we wanted.


I was really reluctant to take him to a hairdressers even if it was one of those fun places that specialises in children’s haircuts. I heard so many stories about people bringing their children in for a “trim” and a lot more hair being taken than they would have preferred. I couldn’t deal with the idea of Billy with a short tight haircut. It would devastate me (first world problem, I know).


So myself and Peter decided that I would give the trim. Mammy would be giving her little man his very first haircut. No pressure. So on Friday I made the decision to just get it out of the way. I was feeling nervous about it and I worried that I would make a mess of it. At the same time I was a lot happier to be annoyed at myself than a hairdresser.


Thankfully it all went well. Cutting his very first curls was so emotional. It’s hard to believe that it is the very first hair he was born with 2.5 years ago. What a milestone. In the end I cut back the fringey part that was covering his eyes and gave the back of it a tiny trim. A haidresser had told me to “blend it in” and I couldn’t really just cut the front and leave the back without a little trim. I am actually quite happy with how it turned out. Initially I felt as though I cut a bit too much but since we’ve washed his hair it has started to look very similar to before. It just looks a tiny bit shorter. We can still put it in a little pony tail and top knot so all is well with the world. It still seems to have a natural curl in it so hopefully they stick around as I love his hair long and curly.





All in all I am happy with the trim and I’m just so relieved that it wasn’t a disaster. Another first for our little man.

Of course I vlogged the whole experience. If you would like to check out the video it is here. Let me know what you think 🙂