We have just returned from a fabulous afternoon at The Olympia Theatre in Dublin. We went to see this year’s Christmas Panto which has become an annual tradition for us. This year’s Panto is called The Ugly Sisters And Yer Wan – The Story Of Cinderella. Spotlight and Pat Egan Management have joined forces once again to create Ireland’s best Panto. It’s written by famous comedien Al Porter so it really is for the whole family. The Panto has been running since 16th December and will run until 8th January 2017 with very little availability at this stage. You can purchase tickets here.




You might think I am slightly biased about my opinion because of my long affiliation with The Olympia Theatre, but it really genuinely is an amazing show. We had been so looking forward to our day out this year. Billy is two and a half while my cousin is four. They have been counting down the days till our treat day that would consisted of Mc Donalds, too many sweets and the standard flashy light toys which are part and parcel of the experience of an Irish Panto.


The theatre itself looks so fabulous this year. The seats have been completely replaced with newer ones. The place has a lovely fresh feeling while still holding the charm that people love so much about the theatre. All of the bars have been transformed too. They look incredible. So modern yet still really classy and vintagy feeling.


Some of you will know that I worked in the theatre for five years. I loved my time there. So much so that I always joked about the fact that I would love to get married there. I’m a typical drama queen who wanted to get married on stage with my audience watching me. Narcissistic much? You might have caught this on our episode of Don’t Tell The Bride. During the show we visited the theatre and I talked about how much I love the place.


Anyway, back to the panto. What a talented bunch of children and adults alike. It’s incredible to see these little tots dancing and singing so professionally. It is obvious that some of them will have long careers in the performing arts industry. You will recognise some familiar faces from Fair City as well as the nation’s fasvourite Turkey, Dustin. He brings me back to my childhood big-time.


The show started at 2.30 and we were walking back up Dame Street by 4.30pm. There is an interval half way through. Enough time to use the toilets and grab a drink and some grub. The Olympia has a great selection of treats including the nicest popcorn. It’s always gorgeous. There is also a fully stocked bar and nice coffee. Something for everyone. You don’t even have to leave your seat if you don’t want to either. There are mobile ice-cream sellers pottering up and down the aisles which is very handy.


The show is so interactive. The cast can really think on their feet and you always feel like you are at the best show. I think this is a lovely quality. The cast are such a credit to the whole production. True professionals all round.
The music was brilliant. I recognised all the songs and my four year old cousin was delighted to hear her favourite song from The Trolls movie. Every year they always have a great eye for what somgs the whole family will recognise and respond to.
We left The Olympia today feeling excited and uplifted. The perfect end to Christmas for me. We left the Olympia to a dark Dublin City with beautiful Christmas lights glowing. We rounded it all off with a hot chocolate and the bus journey home was a giddy one. Two very happy little people and hopefully some very happy parents as they HAVE to sleep tonight after all that dancing.


It might sound mad, but you can actually pick up your tickets for NEXT YEARS panto already. That’s right – people are walking straight out of one Panto and buying their tickets for next year’s. That will tell you how much people enjoy it.


10/10 from us. Thanks to all involved. The Applegreen Christmas Panto is absolutely the best Panto in town.