Well this is just gas. I’ve been dreaming about writing down these words for months now. Keeping your wedding a secret is a very strang thing to have to do. It’s like this amazing moment in my life occured and I kind of had to forget all about it for three whole months. I would run in to people on the street and they would casually ask me how things were. Normal questions like “any news” were responded to with a very suspicious “me? no? Why do I look like I have news?” God people can ask such personal questions…..


I joke.  I joke. It has been utterly bizzare though. We got engaged on 7th May so by the end of August it was still a very new thing. I would meet people out and about and they would ask to see my ring. Eh, which one? They would be expecting to see an engagement ring and instead they would find one cuddled up to a wedding band. Some people copped it. A few very observant snapchat followers noticed my ring in the very early days so I started being more careful about showing it. Funnily enough a lot of people noticed Peter’s ring in photos. I suppose it’s more noticeable when a man has never been known to wear a ring and now suddenly has one on his ring finger.


The engagement was such a surprise. I was floating on a cloud and it was just perfect. By pure coincidence we saw an advertisement two weeks later for Don’t Tell The Bride. The words “for the craic” were used as we agreed to casually fill out the form. The application required a short video introducing ourselves and sure with the Channel Mum vlogging I had the camera set up and ready to go. It literally took a few minutes. We made our video and it was hilarious. We never imagined anyone would be watching it, never mind actually considering it. Two days later we got a call from the production company who really wanted to meet us. And this is where the very surreal Don’t Tell The Bride audition/interview process began. It’s a fairly lenghty process with plenty of interviews together and separarely. Half days in work, visits to your house and arrangements to meet your family. That was all within a month of us applying. It moved very quickly. Then came a very strange summer of waiting, hoping and many moments of freaking out a bit. Were we mad? Could we actually go through with this if we got picked?


We didn’t book a summer holiday because we knew that if we did get selected we would need to keep the holidays for filming days. There was no guarantee but we just sat and waited and regularly pondered about the fact that something massive could be around the corner, or perhaps not at all. A very very strange feeling and a complete mix of emotions.


And just like that we got a call. We had been short-listed, then short-listed again. Then one Monday we got the official news that we had been selected. We would be the very first couple to be filmed in Season 7 of Ireland’s Don’t Tell The Bride, and filming would start in about three days time.


OK so this is happening then… A complete mix of emotions. One minute we would be freaking out about the prospect of getting married on TV and the next we would be completely buzzing about the whole thing. There was little time to sit around and think about it for too long though. In a couple of days our phones would be taken, Facebook Pages shut down and we would say goodbye to eachother for three full weeks.
Contrary to what many people think you really genuinely do not see or speak a word to eachother for the three weeks. It is a legal contract and we would have never dreamt about breaching it.


And so we said goodbye, on national television, for three whole weeks.


“see you at the aisle” we joked, knowing that this was in fact the reality. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Next time I saw my fiance he would only be my fiance for another couple of minutes. I’d be wearing a wedding dress he chose for me, my hair and make-up would be based on his choices and God knows where our reunion would actually be.


Three months ago I married the love of my life and on Thursday 8th December at 9.30pm we will watch it on rte2 for the first time along with the rest of the country.


I still can’t believe that this actually happened, and is happening. It was the craziest most intensely bizarre and amazing thing I have ever done in my entire life. The most stressful and special time. And genuinely I wouldn’t change a single thing.


See you on Thursday so!


Mrs Byrne