We spent three weeks filming for Don’t Tell The Bride. A lot of it involved full days, separately of course. We then had one day filming together before Peter moved out to plan our wedding. Well two if you count the actual wedding day. I spoke to the producer during the week and she told me that, on average, there would be one hundred hours filming done. This eventually becomes a fifty two minute episode, so you can only imagine how much is not actually shown.


It just isn’t possible to show every little thing. So I wanted to tell you about some of the things that didn’t make the cut in the end, or things that you may have missed if you blinked.


The Way Tallaght Stadium Was Decorated

You got some idea from the footage, but the lads really did a superb job. There were so many little touches. Beautiful flowers, ribbon, candles and our arch-way to name just a few. The scenes at Tallaght Stadium only lasted a couple of minutes but you wouldn’t beleive how much it was transformed. I was genuinely delighted walking down the aisle. It was a scorcher of a day (like people actually got sun-burnt at our wedding) and walking out to the big green area to meet my husband-to-be was a surreal and beautiful moment. The staff at Tallaght stadium couldn’t have been more helpful to Peter and we are so grateful to them all.


img_4924 img_4931


We had a sand-ceremony as part of our wedding. It was to symbolise committment and family. There were three sand colours to represent myself, Peter and Billy. All three colours were added to the jar and we now have the jar of sand as a keepsake. I love that they included our son Billy in this way.












We were wearing microphones. This might sound obvious but there was a very funny 10-15 minutes where the mike just kept falling off my leg. I actually attempted to walk down the aisle twice before I eventually got it to stay on. It gave us all a good giggle. Now there’s a garter with a difference.




Our Wedding Photos Were Taken On A Pitch-And-Putt Course

Who would have thunk it? Roadstone Pitch-And-Putt Club ended up being the most beautiful back-drop for our wedding photos. There was so much greenery and water. We were spoiled for choice. I adore our photos and wouldn’t have wanted them anywhere else. We love them. The grounds are so well-kept.


img_5763 img_5779 img_5784





The Pitch-And-Putt Course Has A Bench Dedicated To My Late Granda 

Our family have had a connection to Roadstone Pitch-And-Putt-Club far stronger than Peter could have ever known. The course actually has a bench which is dedicated to my Granda. It has been there for years and Peter had no idea. Having our wedding photos with the bench meant so much to me and it was such a bonus. It felt like my Nanna and Granda could be part of our day in a special way.




In the same way I am not sure if you would have noticed the display to honour those who have passed away belonging to us. Our grandparents were with us on the day and this was the most thoughtful touch. Thanks Peter. It meant a lot to everyone to see their photos on the day.




Our dinner was a carvery and everyone LOVED it.




Roadstone do a seriously good carvery. Like so so good. In the end this was our wedding dinner and people just adored it. Everyone walked up and ordered what they wanted. If they wanted more of one thing and less of another it was no big deal. It meant that children and fussy eaters were accomodated for and the food was devine. I cleaned my plate. I was so delighted with how well-received this was. It is something that so many people commented on. So different and so bloody tasty. Everyone had a huge feed and a nice hearty dinner. Chuffed with this one.


Our dessert was an ice-cream van.
Sadly this didn’t make the cut because there was just so much going on throughout the day, but everyone loved when an ice-cream van pulled up for dessert. It was a really hot day so it couldn’t have worked out any better. Everyone queued up and got a refreshing 99. The kids were also delighted. We even got to serve the little man ourselves. This is by far our favourite photo from the whole wedding.




And last but not least, our wedding band.


We were lucky enough to have Donna Dunne and her band perform at our wedding. It was something completely different and I loved it. Her voice is amazing! She did a mixture of Rockabilly, Gypsy, Rhythm and Blues. The whole band wore football jerseys too. If you want to check out Donna, here is her Youtube Channel. Our firs dance was “stand by me” and she did an amazing job.


So there you have it – there really is only so much they can fit in to 52 minutes. If you would like a detailed list of suppliers we used for our wedding you can find it here on the RTE Website. If you would like to check out the episode you can also do this here.