On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to meeeeee – a big fat post-Christmas weight-gain.

Mother of devine Jebus – twelve pound. Surely that is some sort of record like? Trust me to turn this in to something I should be applauded for. Congratulations Tracey, I hear you gained twelve pounds in two weeks.

OK so let’s just lay it all out on the table shall we? Makes a change from  eating the contents of every single table I’ve been in the company of recently.

So I took a little diet holiday. I don’t really go on two week holidays so I feel like it was more of a hiatus. Some “diet leave” shall we say.

Christmas is just one of those times isn’t it? Like I am never ever going to be willing to not enjoy these kind of festivities. Birthdays, weekends away, holidays etc. They all come under that same umbrella for me. Food plays a big part of them for me. It is a big part of their appeal and joy. The not cooking, the treats, the trying new things. It’s the good stuff in life. I’ve always took the approach that if I am good before and after these ocassions I can afford to enjoy them properly. It has worked so far. Even after a week’s all-inclusive holiday I only had a small gain. I jumped straight back on plan the day after the day after (I meant to say that) I got home. Getting back on plan the next day wasn’t realistic for me so I decided to give myself a day to un-pack, feel the holiday blues and do a food shop. I went to my weigh-in that week with a small few pounds gained and they were gone by the following week. Before those good few days I was up eight pounds after the holiday. Every good day counts. Dealing with a three pound gain was a lot easier than an eight pound one.
So Christmas – the season of wine and Christmas pudding. The copious amounts of white bread. The law that says one cannot have a cup of tea without a sufficient stash of chocolate alongside it. The cheese – oh the CHEESE. The relish and the king crisps and the full fat EVERYTHING. I was like a bold child.


In my defense I did decide to take the two weeks off. I had vague intentions of having a good-ish day or two in between but I think deep down I knew it was never going to pan out that way. The holiday season started with a big wedding and Peter’s work Christmas Family Party. Then came the catch-ups. The nights out, cinema dates, take-aways and tea and cake. It was glorious!


Or at least it was glorious until I stood on the scales. Two weeks of Christmas piggary (yes I made that up but it works) resulted in a 12 pound gain. And honestly, what did I expect? I’m not shocked in one sense because I deserve every single ounce of the gain. I can totally account for it. There is no big surprise like. But I would be lying if I said it didn’t feel a bit crap. Twelve pounds is nearly a stone. When I think about the fact that it took me 16 months to lose four stone, it’s mental to accept that nearly a stone of it went back on in two weeks. It is a massive lesson in just how easily we can un-do all our hard work. But I don’t regret it! I made a plan and I made a decision and this was the consequence. I do, however, regret the extra 20% where I was just eating for the sake of it. You know those times where you have a second dessert or another five handfuls of peanuts or crisps just because they are in front of you? In general I have developed great willpower and can easily say no to things, but because I was off plan I just found it hard not to go to town at every single opportunity. It was like I was trying to win a prize for who could eat the most food. I won.


Anywho, would I do things differently next year? A little bit. Just that 20%. I’d still take that time off and just enjoy what I fancied over Christmas but a good chunk of my eating wasn’t even enjoyed. It was the mindless eating I did for years. I didn’t feel hungry for two weeks because I was never away from food long enough. It is what most people feel like over Christmas but it’s kind of unfamilar territory for me since I’ve overcome my food addiction and comfort eating. These days I am strict and super healthy during the week and I enjoy my treats at the weekend. I don’t eat on my feeling anymore. Not that I did at Christmas, but you know what I mean. The for-the-sake-of-it eating crept back in.
So what now? Well I am going to get this twelve pounds off me as quickly as possible. After I weighed myself I got straight back on plan the next day. That was new years day which is violently cliched. But I did. Day 3 of being back on plan and I swear to God I feel 50% better aleady. I’m back to starting my days with a green tea, drinking water (I didn’t drink a single glass of water in ten days. How bizarre), shoveling the fruit and veg in to me and enjoying cooking and meal-planning again. A big part of my motivation was getting us back to our healthy habits as a family. Billy, like most children, was having way too many treats. He is back to being his usual self. I made a big pot of homemade tomato soup and he devoured it. He’s horsing the fruit in to him and eating his dinners again. I don’t mind him having a treat every day if he is eating his meal around it. In fact we just sat down together and had tea and a treat. I had a cuppa with a Slimming World bar and Billy had a little bottle of tea and about 8 chocolate buttons. Moderation and all that.


I haven’t officially weighed in at Slimming World yet. That will be Thursday after two weeks away from group. I am hoping that 5 days on-plan will take my gain from a 12 pounder down to seven. Something a bit more manageable.


My goal is to lose the gain in 2 weeks. By the end of January it’ll be as though Christmas never even happened. I wish the gain were smalled but this is life and this is the reality of Slimming World being my forever plan. I am quite happy to go on like this for the rest of my life. I made a decision to take two weeks off. I’m up twelve pounds and I have to lose it. Sometimes it’s better not to complicate things. Slimming World works and it will work it’s magic with this gain like it always does. It is what it is.


I shall report back after Thursdays weigh-in but this WILL be gone by the end of January. If you are stuck in a rut – bin the crap or give it away if it’s tempting you. Write a shopping list and start with your next meal rather than the next day. You CAN do this. We are in it together!


Random unrelated photo of my son kissing me in Marley Park yesterday,  for dramatic effect….


Park walks and sloppy kisses. Relishing our bank holiday Monday before normality resumes tomorrow. Fresh air is