When I say “what we wore on Don’t Tell The Bride” I naturally mean “what we wore at our wedding”. People are really fascinated about what we ended up wearing on the day though. They want to know where the bridesmaids dresses came from, who made the groomsmen’s suits and what designer made my wedding dress. So I’ll share it with you all now.




I had absolutely NOTHING to do with anything anyone wore on the day. Including my own dress. I didn’t see the bridesmaids dresses until the day of the wedding when they actually got dressed. Heck, I didn’t see my own wedding dress until the day before. I had absolutely no idea what our wedding party would look like. It was all left in the hands of my capable husband (then fiance) and thankfully he did an absolutely amazing job. So without further ado, this is what we all wore at our wedding on Don’t Tell The Bride.

The Bridesmaids 

Didn’t they all look beautiful? My sister was my maid of honour and my cousins were my bridesmaids. They are all VERY picky and have completely different styles and taste so I was really nervous about what Peter would pick as their bridesmaid dresses (or would he even pick dresses?). I had visions of them walking down the aisle wearing football jerseys and sad faces. Thankfully Peter made a really great choice and chose a dress that suited all three of them. He bought them at 3am from www.asos.com. They were €60 each plus €12 delivery. Bargain. The shoes were from New Look and I loved how similar to my wedding shoes they were in style.





The Flower Girl

My gorgeous little cousin Casey (pictured above) was our flower girl. Her ensemble was picked up at Debenhams. The whole look suited her completely. It was fun, girly and she looked absolutely beautiful. I was so proud of her.


The Groom, Father Of The Bride And The Groomsparty 

This is the one that shocked people the most (me included) but Peter’s suit, as well as all four groomsmen’s, were from PENNEYS. I ac My dad wore the same suit also. I actually couldn’t believe it. Everything from the suit right down to the waistcoat,  shirt ,dicky bows & ties. Everything they wore was from Penneys. It was the talk of the day because people couldn’t believe that you could deck out your entire groomsparty purely from Penneys. The quality of the suits were incredible considering the price. It was €95 all in for each suit. Didn’t they look handsome?




Our “page boy” AKA our little man Billy

My heart skipped a beat when I saw my little man wearing a tux. Bear in mind he wasn’t with me the morning of the wedding so his Daddy and Nanna and Grandad got him ready. He looked positively adorable. Peter picked him out this tux from Debenhams and it was paired with his vibrant Fireman Sam teddy on the day. He just looked so cute!




My Wedding Dress 

Oh be still my beating heart – my dress. Going on Don’t Tell The Bride was always a gamble when it came to my wedding dress. I had no idea what I wanted. In my head I wanted something short and then completely changed my mind when I tried on a long gown in the first bridal shop. I loved how elegant it was. I wanted something with a bit of an edge too. Something a bit vintagy. I literally don’t think I could have done any better. My dress was short and was paired with shoes from Dune. Both were 100% picked by Peter and I genuinely saw neither of them until the day before the wedding (morning of the wedding in the case of the shoes). The morning of the wedding I also received a special delivery with some wedding jewelerry AND a pair of flats. The man got me a white pair of flats for that night. Seriously he is one in a million. By the time the father daughter dance came along I kicked off my heels and wore the comfy flats. I just adored my dress. It came from Truly Bridal in Naas and the designer is Esposa.











Our Families

Our proud parents all looked gorgeous, as did my siblings. A rare photo of all five of us.





And when all was said and done, the bridal and groomsparty returned to their regular messer selves. Just how we like it.