Starting this blog was a pipe-dream of mine. I loved reading other blogs and was avidly following other women’s pregnancies through their websites and blog posts. It felt so real and so open. I had always been a massive lover of writing. I’d write anywhere that words were allowed. I was the third year student whose Valentines Day poem was read out at the assembly and I wasn’t even embarrassed. I was the girl who had a little electronic device to help me improve upon my spellings. I was the girl who BEGGED to be allowed in to the higher level English class with THAT amazing teacher. I just loved the written word. So why couldn’t I start my own blog? I had studied an English Degree in university and was missing the challenge of reading and writing a lot. A blog felt like the perfect solution. I was three months pregnant and decided to document my pregnancy journey. And that’s where Love Of Living was born.


I’ve been afforeded some amazing experiences over the years through my blog. It’s grown and developed in so many amazing ways. What started as a pregnancy diary soon became a blog about motherhood, parenting, food, travel and life in general. Before I knew it I was writing about everything in my life. Brands started showing interest and I connected my blog to my other social media channels. It’s lead to video blogging now too.


Blogging is something I absolutely adore and I feel so proud to be able to share my life and experiences with other people. An honour really. Every now and then a really amazing opportunity comes my way and that is exactly what has happened in the last couple of weeks. I found out that I will be travelling to the incredible five star Martinhal resort in Portugal this coming March. This luxury family resprt is just stunning and I can’t believe I am going to be staying there.


I was invited to visit Martinhal in Portugal alongside some other Irish Parenting Bloggers as part of their Family Brand Conference. It’s an event which celebrates businesses that have their foundations steeped in the family market. Businesses who have thrived and been successful because they deliver excellent products and services to families just like our very own. I am most excited to hear the speakers on the day. The Irish Fairy Door Company will be doing a talk as well as the founder of Ella’s Kitchen. These hugely successful companies are inspiring in their own right, but hearing them talk about their empires will be very motivational.


It’s one of those things that makes me take a big old deep breath and literally thank the universe. These opportunities and experiences make me feel so fortunate and greateful. It’s something I will never ever take for granted.
We fly out at the end of March for two night’s and I really cannot wait. I’ll be sharing the experience on social media. Martinhal are known for being extremely family friendly. They have amazing playgrounds, pool facilities and even on-site babysitters. I’ll look forward to giving you all the scoop.




Here is a little video about the event. Pinch me please?