I’ve loved reading the post’s from the lovely Awfully Chipper’s linky. I love posts that give you an insight in to people’s lives. On the one hand it’s the nosey side of me being fulfilled but in general it’s just nice to hear about other people’s lives. The similarities and the differences. It reminds us that we are all connected even if our experiences vary.

After a crazy few weeks of travel (I know, boo bloody hoo) interviews and work changes it’s nice to take a minute to just stop and take stock of the now. I am usually pretty brutal at that. I tend to live a little bit in yesterday and a little bit in tomorrow.


Listening to: Currently? The theme tune of Thomas The Tank Engine. The confidence as he (my son) sings words that sound made up but I absolutely know what he is trying to say. I love watching him become interested in stuff. The fact that he now asks for certain shows on the TV. He has so many opinions these days and it’s amazing to witness. The latest is him telling us to “go way” if he doesn’t want to be held, cuddled or generally interacted with. It gives us a great laugh because he tries to say it in a polite way.

Watching: I am a bit of an odd one when it comes to TV. I do genuinely think it comes with the territory of working for yourself though. I struggle to switch off in the evenings because busy toddler days leave me with a big to-do list every evening. I kind of take the day as it comes and I’ll know by about 5pm if it’s going to be a day where I’ll ditch the laptop and watch a little something. The second problem is that myself and my husband have completely different taste in TV. He’ll be watching all of the things that you are probably watching on Netflix whereas I am more likely to go for mindless watching such as a good cooking show, Teen Mom or that TLC show “Little People”. We’ll call it escapism. I don’t like anything too sad, violent, scary or focused on drugs or ilness. Yeah, it pretty much rules out everything.

90% of the time I find myself watching Youtube. I do it as I’m tidying up and I actually really enjoy that. My favourite would be The Michilaks. They have a new video every Sunday morning and I look forward to it all week. It’s like a thirty minute movie and I totally recommend it.

Playing: Games that involve Paw Patrol, Fireman Sam and various little cars. I love spreading out the various figurines and helping my son create little scenes. He has no problem with Chase or Marshall hanging out in Ponty Pandy. That’s my boy.

Reading:. I am ashamed to say that it took me a whole nine months to read a book. Disgraceful really. In college I had to read three a week (didn’t always, but you know what I mean). The reality is that the internet is so addictive. I find it hard to peel myself away from it and I am acutely aware that this is a bad thing. On the way home from Rome I had no internet and gave myself the task of finishing the book that had been taking me so many month. Three hours and one hundred and fifty pages later and you can imagine how I felt. I got so in to it and was actually raging when it was finished. I am on the hunt for a new book now. I panicked and picked one up in a charity shop last week without really thinking and after five pages I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it. It was the style of writing I think. I plan to do more charity shop digging this week and prioritise some reading time every single day.

Looking forward to: Saturday night as it’s the hubby’s birthday and he’ll be home from Cheltenham. Oh and a VERY exciting trip to Martinhal Resort in Cascais in two weeks! Pinch me? Oh and more time spent outside. Yesterday’s 15’C were glorious. More of that please Mr Weatherman.



Drinking: Tea with almond milk. It’s my new thing. You get more of it as your healthy extra on Slimming World and I am feeling a little under the weather this week so plenty of tea is a necessity. It tastes no different to regular milk in tea as far as I’m concerned.

Wearing: Jeans and t-shirt with the COMFIEST runners from Penneys. They are basically a dupe of those fancy Nike runners all the beauty bloggers wear (yes I did just say that). You know the really light comfy nike runners often seen in black with a white trim around the bottom? Those. €13 in Penneys and I’ve never worn a more comfortable pair of runners.

I also still can’t believe that these days I just wear jeans as standard. Before I lost weight I could only ever wear leggings. Throwing 18 pairs of leggings in the bin felt very liberating, if a little wasteful.

Eating: Sunday-Friday my plate is very saintly. Yoghurt, fruit and granola for breakfast (Aldi do a version which is a healthy extra on Slimming World). Lunch is generally soup and a big plate of salad piled high. Sometimes an omelette. Also loving Scrambelled eggs with Salm0n served with Spinach and sriracha (obsessed). Dinner is some kind of casserole, fish, lean meat, curry etc and always served with tonnes of vegetable and not too many carbs.

At the weekend? Oh pure and utter filth. Whatever I fancy. We made Kenmare Foodie’s Enchiladas a couple of weeks ago, pulled Pork another time. One night is always take-away night and I get my chocolate and coffee fixes at the weekend too. It’s worth it for me and gives me something to look forward to. The 80/20 rule in motion.



Working on: Editing Youtube Videos, Writing, Preparing for my Slimming World Consultant Training (and group opening in May).

Permanently frustrated by: The constant need for house working and cooking and the fact that it can seem never-ending. And anxiety – that has been rearing it’s head quite a bit lately.

Enjoying: Food more than I ever have. Watching my little man’s personality develop. He makes me laugh at least ten times a day and sure isn’t that what it’s all about. Married life – hard to believe it’s been six months since we said I do on a football pitch.



Not enjoying: Bills and Housework. How original!