Does anyone else have a toddler who literally eats all day long? I’ve said it time and time again – I got an eater rather than a sleeper.


Little man is great for the grub, it has to be said. He is constantly snacking though. Like all day everyday. If we go somewhere I always have to fill his little backpack with a couple of snacks to keep him going. I’ll also be honest here and say that quite often the snacks are bribery. Getting a strong-willed toddler in to his car seat or the shopping trolley is made a whole lot easier with the promise of there favourite snacks.



We are big fans of the Organix Goodies range in this house. I kind of always have been. They seemed to be the healthiest kids snacks on the market and were readily available in all of the local supermarkets so it just made life easier. We actually do our food shopping in ALDI but would specifically go to Dunnes, Tesco or Supervalu to pick up these kind of snacks. They can often be found with a three for 2 deal so I tend to stock up for a few weeks. I love that they are healthy, handy to throw in your bag and brightly coloured to appear like, well, goodies.



When Organix got in touch about working together I was delighted to accept. A brand that has a No Junk Promise is a brand I am very happy to work with. It is something I view as really important. Treats are a normal part of life in this house. It doesn’t bother me if little man has a small treat every day but I don’t want all of his snacks to be full of sugar and artificial ingredients. I like to have the option to pack up filling snacks that will also appear like treats to him. This is what Organix do best.


We were sent a lovely package during the week and couldn’t wait to dig in. We had never tried the Gingerbread Men before so I was particularly enthusiastic about trying those. I had also purchased the orange crispy bars months previously and little man had turned his nose up at them so I knew it was a good time to try them again. One thing I’ve learned is that toddlers are fickle little creatures and the “don’t like that” of last week is often the “want more” of this week.


Both went down a huge treat. My cousin got in on the action too and was a huge fan of the carrot crisps which I think even surprised herself. She described them as tasting similar to a very popular mainstream packet of crisps which I think is a great result. A familiar taste but with the added benefit of being much healthier and containing no junk.



Little man loved the gingerbread men and I’ll admit I had a little taste too, for research purposes of course. They are subtly sweet and have a lovely texture. I particularly loved that they are not too crumbly. Does that make sense? They don’t fall apart and were actually eaten bite by bite with no mess. I’d imagine they would also be lovely for younger toddlers or babies to suck on.


As predicted the cocoa and orange crispy bars went down a treat too. He asked for a second one and referred to it as “chocolate”. You can’t ask for much more than that. Big thumbs up.



The carrot crisps have been introduced to my cousin’s family and we have some new products that we will 100% be re-purchasing along with our usual Organix Goodies favourites. I can’t emphasise how handy it is to have a stock pile of healthy toddler snacks that don’t contain the junk and additives that other brands do. We’ve loved working with Organix on this campaign. Check out their #SmallWins campaign on social media. It perfectly describes what they are all about.


5/5 from these munchkins! And naturally my little grubber is asking for “one more now OK?”. Result!



This is a paid collaboration but all opinions, as always, are 100% mine. Thank you for supporting my blog and the brands that support it too.