Can you believe that I will be opening my very own Slimming World Class in less than two week’s time? It’s been a long time coming and I really can’t wait. Sharing the tools to help people change their lives for the better is something I consider a privilege. I am currently in the midst of promoting my group. I want as many people as possiible to know about the brand new group and to join me on the 3rd May. You can click here for more details.


Part of my promotion is flyering from door to door. This has been a bit of a learning curb. The first lesson was to actually use a wooden spoon as recommend for opening letterboxes. It sounds bizarre but it’s surprisingly difficult to get your hand through certain letterboxes when 90% of them have those thick bristles. You also tend to have the fear of your hand being bitten by one of the many dogs that bark when you enter a person’s garden. I chipped my freshly manicured too. Absolute first world problems but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t really bug me. Then comes the “No Junk Mail” signs. They are literally on about 70% of the doors which means I can’t even flyer there. These could be people who would genuinely like to hear about the new local Slimming World class but it’s the law so I can’t post the flyer.


I pottered around on the own the first day I went flyering. I wanted to get a feel for it and see how long it took me. I found myself constantly day-dreaming about owning a home. You can’t help but notice the details of the houses you pass by. The families that spill in and out of them. The cars in the drive. I’ve made no secret of the fact that eventually we would love to own a home. It was never a priority for me. I was quite happy renting initially but seven houses later and my opinion has changed. The rental market is a disgrace. I remember when we moved out originally and our rent for a two bedroom apartment in Tallaght was €900 a month. It sounded like an insane amount of money. Eventually we had to upgrade to a house when we had our son. The lift in our apartment block was constantly broken and I wasn’t willing to live with the fear of it when I had a newborn in a pram and I didn’t drive. As we upgraded to a house it coincided with the rental market in Ireland (and more specifically, Dublin) going belly up. Before we knew it we couldn’t get a house for less than €1600 per month. How in God’s name iss anyone supposed to save when they are paying that kind of rent? Not to mention childcare.


Owning a home became a tangible goal for us about a year ago. We have no idea where our little man is going to attend school and part of that reason is because we just don’t know where we will be living at the time. There is a housing crisis so even renting in a particular area is not straight-forward. We are currently renting and chipping away at the savings and it will happen eventually. For now though, I find myself day-dreaming about the things that I would love to see in our forever home.


Firstly, I want a green door. This is random I know. I just couldn’t help but notice a couple of front doors that had this particular light mint colour and I just loved it. It was often paired with windows that had a thick cream outer colour and it just looks so good. It’s really modern but also cosy and gives a home character. I particularly loved when it was themed with cream VELUX blinds. This combination is a trend that I noticed several times on my flyering adventures.


I am really in to visualisation. If I want something I find myself day-dreaming about it constantly. I think about how it might feel to be in that situation or on that holiday ( I am forever thinking about holidays). It is such a powerful tool because it gives you a snippet of that feeling and can often be the very thing that motivates you to work towards it. I may not own a house but I already know that I want a Super King Size Bed with crisp white sheets and some IKEA Kallax Units in the Play Room (my dream house has a play-room, what?!). It also has an L-Shaped couch and a living room that has a mix of greys, bright yellows and a slick rug. There is a large indoor plant and a little office for me too. Yeah, I’ve thought about this a bit. Seriously though I really do believe that “if you think about it you bring about it”. I believe in the Law Of Attraction.


I look forward to a day where we can properly settle with no plans of moving again. I think seven moves is enough. For now I’ll enjoy the process and keep visualising my dream-home and trust that the universe is taking my order.


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