In just two days time I will be opening the doors of my very own Slimming World group and I simply cannot explain what that means to me. I remember the day I walked in to my own Slimming World group. I was 100% convinced that it would not work for me. I had accepted that I was supposed to be bigger. That some people are “just big”. I talked about my “big bones” and the fact that I was broad. The truth was that I was in a miserable place. I felt self-conscious and day to life was becoming difficult due to carrying the extra weight. I found myself being out of breath after simply changing my son’s nappy. Every day tasks had me drained and exhausted. I was in a really dark place because deep down I just knew that this was my reality forever. I had never not been overweight so I had to accept it.



Until I didn’t. I joined Slimming World and as much of a cliche as it sounds this was the first day of the rest of my life. It was the day that I finally turned things around. I quickly realized that Slimming World works for everyone and the science and calculations have been done. It’s been overseen and developed by scientists and medical professionals. It is fact. So much so that Slimming World have a five week money back guarantee if you join, stay to group and don’t lose weight in five weeks. They are 100% confident in the plan because it’s been researched so well.


To this day I can’t believe that it worked for me and continues to work today. In eighteen months I lost 4.5 stone and literally turned my life around. That might sound dramatic but it’s true. Losing weight and making a healthy lifestyle change has a knock-on affect to so many other areas of your life. Your mood is brighter, your work ethic and ambitions are higher and your relationships and friendships transform too. I now love receiving invitations to parties and social events which is a far cry from the days where I would dread them infinitely. Nothing would fit me and the fear of someone taking a photograph of me was what prevailed. It was such a dark time in my life and I was in complete denial of my own unhappiness.


My dream has always been to be a teacher. My life took a different route and I found myself in the very fortunate position of being self-employed as a writer, blogger and Youtubber. I have always felt that niggling feeling deep down though. A feeling that I am supposed to be helping people in some way. Teaching people. As I got closer to my Slimming World Target Weight I found myself dreaming about being a consultant. Imagine being able to show people how they too could change their lives for the better. Imagine helping people understand that you really can eat delicious REAL food that the whole family will enjoy and still lose weight. In fact the weight will fly off you. Imagine being able to help people feel… happier. That right there would be my dream job.


At the end of 2016 I decided to attend a Slimming World Opportunity Event and learn about how it all works. Everything from buying the franchise to what you can expect from the work load, earnings and company in general. I was sold. Before I knew it I was in the UK sitting in Slimming World’s head-office having my first three days of Slimming World Consultant Training. It was an amazing experience.



I now find myself in the very surreal situation where I am about to open my own group. It really feels like a dream come true. I cannot wait to help other people start to feel better about themselves. Whether it’s seven pound or twenty stone a person wants to lose, I’ll be there 100%. Every single week I’ll be there with open arms and the kettle on. We’ll celebrate the losses and work through the gains. We’ll help eachother in every way possible. Friendships will be made and the energy and motivation in the room will be powerful.


My group will be held in St Joseph’s Special School in Tymon North, Tallaght every Wednesday evening at 7.30pm. Amazing things are going to happen in that room and I cannot wait to see you there.


To the next chapter for me and my little family!