My life has revolved so much around Slimming World for the past couple of months but not necessarily in terms of my own weightloss journey. A couple of people have asked for an update on my own journey so I thought I’d have a little chat with you all about it now.

A couple of months ago I got my 4 and a half stone award and I was absolutely over the moon. I had surpassed my original target of 10 stone 7 and was feeling brilliant. I knew I wanted to lose another half a stone and get my five stone award though. So that is my final goal. It is 9 stone 11.5 pounds. Right now I am a size 10 which completely blows my mind. When you are squeezing in to 18-20 sized clothing and they’re bursting at the seams it seems impossible to imagine things being different. I have had to buy myself a whole new wardrobe which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I just can’t explain the level of confidence I feel in my clothes these days. A far cry from hiding behind the baggiest thing I could find in my wardrobe and living in over-sized leggings.


Setting up my own Slimming World group has been a huge undertaking. It’s meant that I’ve kind of gone in to maintenance mode a little ahead of my actual target weight but you know what? That’s more than OK. In truth I am actually delighted to have been able to maintain my weight at a time of such change and activity. I’ve been away quite a bit over the last couple of months too which has meant an inevitable weight gain followed by a couple of days reeling it back in to try get back to where I was. All in all though, I’ve maintained. It’s actually given me a huge sense of confidence because now I feel like I know that when I do get to my target weight I’ll be able to maintain it. I’ve said it before but Slimming World will be a forever thing for me. If I know I can’t make it to weigh-in I just go off the rails. It’s not a weakness, it’s just how I am. I need to have the anticipation of my weigh-in and group to keep me on track and I think a lot of people are like that too.


My Slimming World group is on a Wednesday evening and that’s where I am Tracey the consultant. The next day, on Thursdays, I am Tracey the member. I absolutely refuse to give up going to my own group and that will remain the case even when I am a target member. A lot of people have assumed that I’ll be a member in my own group because why would I want to be at another Slimming World group the very next day? I can see why people would think that way but for me personally that would never work. I need to still feel like a member. Being a member of Slimming World is the very reason why all of this has come about. My own journey is where it all began and I don’t want to lose sight of my own journey.
So as of today I am 6.5 pounds away from target. My goal is to get there by the end of July. Roughly a pound a week with some room for my regular monthly gain (it always happens. Nothing to do with being a girl. Just me having too many treats). I can’t wait to be a target member and I am so grateful that Slimming World has changed my life so much. It’s changed… everything. My health, the way I see myself, my confidence and now my career.