It seems a bit narcissistic to write an entire blog post about why I enjoyed Saturday 7th October so much doesn’t it? But this is a website about me, my life and my thoughts so I’m thinking that ship has well and truly sailed.
I wanted to document this one though because I’m still very much trying to figure out my own brain these days. Sometimes it’s a very confusing place and sometimes it’s so dark that I just can’t find the light switch to make it brighter. So when I find something that feeds me this kind of happiness I can’t ignore it. I want to try and get the root of where the happiness comes from. To capture a little snippet of the experience so that I can find more of this in my life. Sure isn’t that what it’s all about folks.

Let’s start with the most important fact – I didn’t really have anywhere to be. Other than Slimming World that morning but that is my choice. I look forward to attending my group every week because my Slimming World journey couldn’t end just because I became a consultant. I spend a huge amount of the week being a consultant and I absolutely adore that job. Seriously, it’s a dream come true. But I definitely feel like I can relate to my members in a really meaningfull way because I am on my own journey also. And lets be honest, I always will be. I am currently 6.5 pounds away from my target weight and it is a life-long committment I’ve given myself because this stuff is just too damn important. Health, being comfortable in my own skin, sleeping better, better able to run around after my three year old – so many benefits in my life.
So yes, I had nowhere to be… that I didn’t really want to be. Does that make sense? Not that I resent my weekend plans because I make a lot of them myself but I am a divil for making myself too busy. Then I get stressed out because I have no down time. We can often be our own worst enemies!


The day started with the usual wake-up call from my son. As you probably know by now the three of us share a bed. On this particular night I had a three year old sleeping on my eyeball but that’s the norm these days. I woke up to the little man telling me “mammy, it’s morning. It’s not bed time anymore. Good morning Mammy”. He requested his usual boppy, blanky and Paw Patrol and we chilled on the sofa with some melon. I love those moments. It’s just the simple stuff but the “pinch me” moments that I spent a good chunk of my life dreaming about.
Then came Slimming World. It helped that I had lost weight. A pound to be exact. It brought my overall weightloss to 4 stone and 7.5 pounds. Almost my lowest ever. Another three pounds and that pesky holiday gain will be gone and I’ll be my lowest ever adult weight. It’s a great feeling. I also just loved the catch up with my sister. She’s one of those people that I love to be around. Did I mention she bought me a pair of River Island Molly jeans for my birthday? She’s that kind of sister and I bloody love her.


After group I sent the hubby a text to see did he want to go out for breakfast. Sometimes my sister and I grab a coffee or quick bite to eat after group but we didn’t this day. I made my way home and the boys were pretty much ready to go when I got in. The promise of nice food and not having to cook OR clean up after the meal was so exciting. Again I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and while I really enjoy it I definitely enjoy the break from it too. Breakfast was delicious and I love when it’s just the three amigos. A simple Saturday breakfast at the local cafe but it makes me so happy. My little family. It’s the ultimate security blanket being with my two boys.


Hubby had a football match in the afternoon but it wasn’t a big rush to get home. We popped in to Tesco and made our way home with no stress. He pottered around getting his football bits organized and little man followed him around as he always does. When it came to him leaving I’ll admit that little man wasn’t a happy camper but I quickly diverted his attention to the promise of a bubble bath. We had an empty house and his skin has been quite dry so I thought it would be a good opportunity for a nice oat bath. We made our way upstairs, filled the bath and brought his Captain America figurine along for the ride. We used a LUSH bath melt thing. It’s a muslin one that contained Oats and Sandlewood and was the perfect addition to the nice warm bath. I sat on the floor of the bathroom flicking through Instagram while my little man got lost in a game involving Captain America, a lufa and a plastic cup. Listening to the little scenarios he created was just magical. Completely entrancing. His imagination, his wet curly and his beautiful giggles filled my heart with happiness. I was truly present and that is something that I am not so good at the majority of the time.


When the bath came to an end I got to soak up my scrumptious freshly bathed child. Jesus is there anything more beautiful than your child straight out of the bath? His soft skin and his clean scent was just perfection. I blow-dried his hair and he admired himself in the mirror before we made our way downstairs.


Then we took down the Arts And Crafts bag. I swear, in my head I do this stuff ALL the time but in reality I’m glued to my computer or phone too much. It’s a big part of what I do but it’s important to note that it’s definitely too much. We decided to make Daddy a little souvenir for his Cardiff trip and to be completely truthful it ended up with Billy drawing “my tattoos” on his feet (the freshly bathed feet that lasted five minutes) while I got lost in the cutting, colouring and pasting. It was so relaxing and I had forgotten how wonderful it is to get lost in something creative. This was the fruit of “our” labour.



When Daddy got home from football it was after 5pm and nicely in to wind-down mode. I had a long luxurious shower which was just blissfull. Fresh PJs followed and I was just loving life. Little man hadn’t napped so getting him off to sleep at 7pm was a dream come true.


Then we ordered Dominos. Do I actually need to explain why this was a good time? FYI – I only have 3-5 syns during the week for 5 days and I have the majority of my syns at the weekend. It works for me but took a while for me to realize this was what I needed. In the past I’d have my daily syns and then still go wild at the weekend. This is a more controlled way of doing that for me. I find it much easier to focus on free foods and speed foods midweek. We are all different. I’d recommend having 5-15 syns per day as that is what the plan is designed to offer and it works best that way.


But yeah, Dominos. Always a good time. We hadn’t ordered one for months so this was a lovely treat. Hubby has been on his own weightloss and health journey so I was so delighted when he agreed to a pizza. He was in holiday mode and it worked out well for me.


Then we snuggled up and watched a brilliant movie. It’s called “The Big Sick” and I’m pretty sure it’s out in the cinema at the moment (I know, dodgy box, BOLD!). It was a fantastic feel-good and hilarious movie. We had such a laugh watching it and it really did my soul so much good.


So this concludes my post about a lovely Saturday. It was full of the good stuff and a reminder of what is important in this life.


Well done if you’ve made it this far.