January is well and truly upon as and as many of us return to our Irish jobs, we are most likely feeling a bit depressed that the magic of Christmas is over and that the cold dark days of winter are well and truly here. To help we have put together some top tips which will help you stay happy and healthy when at work in the coming months. From having a big bottle of water on your desk to encourage you to drink more to making sure you get up and speak to colleagues rather than email to allow you to keep more active in the office. Some of them are cost free and all of them are low cost and bound to make you feel better.


The water of life

At some point, most of us have had “drink more water” on our to-do list. But most of us also know that it’s easier said than done. You fill up a bottle when you get into the office, and then run to your morning meeting. Four hours later it still sits there, barely touched, on the edge of your desk.

Our first plan of attack? Make it less boring. We’ve never forgotten an iced latte or glass of lemonade on our desk, just sayin’. By infusing water with fruit, veggies and herbs like mint and rosemary you’ll have a beverage your taste buds actually enjoy, making it more likely you’ll sip throughout the day.

Snack happy

For optimum health and energy, make sure to keep healthy snacks at your desk that you can munch on when hunger strikes. Forgo the vending machines and the local corner shop in favour of fresh or dried fruits, nuts, yogurt and cereal bars. Going several hours between meals can cause your blood sugar to drop and lead you to grab the nearest fast food or sugary treat available. Instead, opt to eat something every two to three hours to keep your blood sugar steady and energy levels up the entire day.

Limit caffeine intake.

Yes, we love our coffee from the regular coffee shop at said train station, but remember to drink it and other caffeinated beverages in moderation. Try to reduce your intake to one cup each morning to avoid a caffeine crash later on. You can also greatly reduce calories and sugar intake by drinking your coffee without cream or sugar — for some, this may be an acquired taste, but it is well worth it for your health.

Find ways to exercise in the office

Lancet study from earlier this year found that people need to do at least an hour of physical activity a day to counter the negative health impacts of every eight hours spent sitting.

If you are chained to your desk for hours on end, it is important to shoehorn in a bit of exercise. Cycling to work, getting off the tube or bus a stop earlier, taking the stairs, visiting colleagues in different parts of the office rather than emailing, are some of the many ways to do this. Also be aware of the opportunities to get up and move. Rather than sending an email to a colleague get up and visit them at their desk, facetime often achieves better results and you will get some of those all-important steps in too and burn a few calories.


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