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This post is a collaborative project with Chill Insurance and I’m actually really excited about. It includes two of my favourite things – Winter & Interiors.

Some of you may not know this but I spend a considerable amount of time day-dreaming and planning what our future home will look like. I’ll even admit that I sometimes screenshot random photos from the internet if I see something that I like the look of. It might be a random advert or a photograph someone has uploaded of a product. I’m looking at the rug in the background though. I’m drooling over the book-shelf and the chalk paint.


I haven’t spoken much about it but we have been saving for a mortgage for quite a while. We are very lucky to have been given the opportunity to move in with a family member where we have a real chance at saving for a deposit for our forever home. We have moved a LOT and really hope that our next move will be a home we can actually call our own.


I think Winter Interiors really resonates with me because I’m a fan of all things warm and cosy. I definitely wouldn’t feel at home in a house that celebrated that kind of white, clean and minimal look. It just wouldn’t be me. I like warm colours and that kind of environment. I’m also conscious of the fact that when we do buy a home it will be just as much Billy’s home as it is ours. I don’t want a particularly “adult” house. Does that even make sense? I’m not talking about living in a play centre but I do want it to be child friendly. No matter how clean the house is (or isn’t) there will always be toys lying around. I want books, jigsaw puzzles and figurines to be at Billy’s reach. Seeing him play is one of my favourite things to do.




Chill Insurance recently released an E-Book with some Winter Interiors tips and inspiration. As part of the E-book Chill Insurance did a survey and one of the questions showed that 43% of people would start with the living room when doing an interiors project on their home. I completely get that and would definitely fall in to this category. It’s funny because when I imagine our future home I literally think about one room and that’s the living room. As a family it’s where we spend a huge chunk of our time and because we are currently living in a one bedroom apartment, the living space is basically our entire home. It’s our kitchen, tv room, hall and “landing” combined. We’ve made it work but I definitely look forward to a day where we have a separate living space. These days if I am making dinner or boiling the kettle my son and husband can’t actually hear the television!


For me the living room represents family time. Movie nights, lazy Sunday mornings watching cartoons, date nights at home with a take-away, massive games involving Paw Patrol, Fireman Sam And Peppa thrown in to the mix. I visualise it tranforming in to a more relaxed adult space when Billy goes to bed. I’m thinking candles, darker lighting (and good blinds) and some kind of fairy lights in the mix.


The Interiors E-Book talked about colour blocking as a way to include darker colours without making a room feel gloomy. It is a trend which dominated fashion and interiors in 2017 and I can see why. I was in a kitchen recently and I fell in love with her colour scheme. It was a bright mustard yellow against a really dark chalky navy. It was stunning and I remember making a mental note for the future.


Floral elements definitely appeals to me. According to the E-Book dainty and delicate florals are now being replaced by large leafy statement pieces. I love the idea of having large plants and florals to add an earthy element to my home. One of my favourite Vloggers Charlotte Taylor often films in her bedroom and I absolutely adore the Dusky pink paint on her walls with the leafy statement piece draped over it.  You can see it here. The Chill Insurance E-Book features this very look.


I had never really considered this before, but decorative accessories can really change the entire look of a room. In the E-Book the idea of Neutral colours is explored. Having a neutral coloured wall and sofa leaves room for the rest of the accessories and decorative pieces to do the talking. This would be important for someone like me as I tend to change my mind quite a lot.


In the past I would have always thought that an interiors project would frustrate me. It’s not a good trait but I like things done yesterday. I’m not great at doing things slow and steady to get them right. However, living in a very small living space has definitely changed that because I now know I can make the most of a situation and make a home feel like a home no matter what the space or limitations. I would be quite happy to live in a half finished home and enjoy the process of making it exactly how we want it. It actually really excites me.


Chill Insurance have given some really good DIY safety tips as well as recommending that you keep on top of your home safety all year round. Checking that your locks work well, your heating system is up to scratch and that you home is insured are all of the very adulty things that I strangely look forward to doing.


I’d love to hear your home interiors stories. Did you live with a family member and save before moving in to your own home? How did you find the process? I just love hearing about other people’s experiences.


Thank you for supporting my blog, and the brands that support it too.