I’ve got that blogging bug back again. Sure I’m micro-blogging on various forms of social media but written word is where my heart lies and I’m really enjoying being back to my roots and writing here.

For new readers I am a Slimming World member and consultant. But most importantly I am a mother and a massive foodie. It’s important to me that my family have healthy balanced meals where possible. This is one of the biggest reasons why Slimming World has always been something I considered long term. It completely changed the way we eat as a family. It’s also the only thing that our three and a half year old has ever known.

I pretty much photograph every meal that I make so I do plan to make this a bit of a regular around here. I’ll probably do it monthly.

I love cooking and I hate eating the same food over and over again so I try to keep things fresh and interesting. I want my son to try a variety of different foods and for new tastes and flavours to be a normal thing for him. So far so good because he is a great eater.

Here are some of the dinners we’ve been eating recently. It might give you a few ideas. Hope it helps!

Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous With Oven Baked Salmon & Feta Cheese 

This was a serious winner and will be a firm favourite from now on. The best part was that it took no time to prepare and it is completely free on Slimming World. I picked up some boneless skin-on Salmon fillets from Tesco (we get them in Aldi too, and often on their Super Six Special) and literally placed it in a little tin foil parcel (a fancy way of saying place in tin foil and cover) with a quartered lemon, salt, pepper and spray of Butter Frylight. It gently cooks on  a medium heat in about twenty minutes. Over-cooked Salmon isn’t great so keep an eye on it because when it’s delicate and perfectly flaky it is heavenly.

Cous Cous is something we never make but having seen it in a cooking show recently I remembered it is a free food on the Slimming World plan and that I should include it more often. I diced two large courgettes and put them on a baking tray in the oven with some salt, pepper and garlic granuales. They roasted in about 20 minutes (peppers work really well too). In a frying pan I sauteed some mushrooms. I then measured out a cup of Cous Cous and placed it in a bowl with a teaspoon of parsley, teaspoon of smoked paprika and half a teaspoon of onion salt. I then covered in vegetable stock and popped a plate on top. Within 3-5 minutes the couscous had absorbed the stock and cooked. I fluffed it up and added the courgette and mushrooms through it along with two diced tomatoes. I also added some paprika to myself and my husbands after we served up my son’s because he has zero tolerance for any kind of spice.

I served this up with some feta cheese on top which was part of my healthy extra A. It was really quick and out of this world delicious.

Perfect Pan Fried Rib Eye Steak With Seasoned Chips, Vegetables & Pepper Sauce

Easy peasy dinner with ALL the flavour. I picked up some Rib Eye Steak in Dunnes. I think it was about €8.99 for two steaks but this was a bit of a special treat dinner so we wouldn’t buy them every week. I really would recommend Rib Eye though. In my opinion it has the best flavour and is the perfect thickness. When I cook steak I heat up the pan really really hot to the point where it gives off a little smoke. I then spray tonnes of FryLight and season the steaks with a little bit of salt, pepper and a tiny tiny bit of garlic powder. I then add the steaks to the pan where they immediately sizzle. I cook them on both sides for about two minutes and then I take them off the heat to rest for about 10-15 minutes while I do the chips and other sides. Just as everything is plated up I give the steaks another minute on each side on a hot pan. For the chips I simply chip a potato or buy the pre-cut chips from Dunnes. I then put them on a plate and microweave for five minutes. I then spray with fry light and add some Shwartz Chip Season and pop them in the Air Fryer for about 20 minutes. If you don’t have an Air Fryer you can cook them in the oven and maybe give them a good shuffle after fifteen minutes. For this meal I bought some Brocolli that you could steam in the microweave and I sauteed some mushrooms in Butter Fry Light. I then served with 1.5 syns of Pepper Sauce. I just bought a Knorr one but went for an “add water” rather than milk option. That automatically makes it lower in syns. The one I bought was 6 syn for the whole pack so really not as bad as you might think.


Low Syn Irish Coddle 

This is one that will divide people. It was about 50/50 on Instagram and Snapchat. People either LOVE coddle or absolutely want to be sick at the thought of it. We are a coddle loving household so this was a welcomed treat. It was only 3 syns for the whole pot too. I literally added a packet of smoked bacon, a packet of Mallons Gluten Free Sausages (3 syns for whole pack), 5 large carrots (diced), 4 large potatoes chopped and one large onion to a pot with two vegetable stock pots and some mixed herbs. Let it bubble away for an hour and enjoy from a big bowl. Absolutely delish! I got a bit fancy and poached an egg in it too. It added a lovely flavour and texture.


Syn Free Chunky Minestrone Soup

This was a make-it-up-as-you-go-along job and it turned out beautifully. Two cartons of passata along with come smoked bacon, frozen onion, frozen garlic, chopped carrot and macaroni pasta with herbs like oregano, basil and some salt/black pepper. So simple but really hearty and delicious. I served it with some grated parmesan.


Pan Fried Salmon With Coriander Salsa Pasta 

This is all about the pasta. The salmon was cooked skin side down with simple seasoning (salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon) and finished on the other side for 30 seconds. The pasta was the star event though. I cooked some wholewheat pasta in a pot with some chicken stock and then added two fresh chopped tomatoes, a bunch of fresh chopped coriander, teaspoon of garlic, squeeze of lime and a dash of salt and pepper. You have to try this!


Slow Cooked BBQ Pork Fillet Feast 

Sometimes it’s handy to have something you can just throw in to the oven. This Slow Cooked BBQ Pork Fillet from Aldi is brilliant when you are in a rush. It’s full of flavour and the whole thing is only 2.5 syns. I love it with chips and salad. I threw together this salsa with some fresh tomatoes, coriander, lime juice, garlic, seasoning and Mango. It was so fresh and worked perfectly with the pork.

Slow Cooker Hunters Chicken 

This is a Pinch Of Nom recipe so they’ve done the hard work for me. It’s a no fuss recipe, packed with flavour and you can find the method here