I really fancied blogging about a few nice places we’ve been to recently. But then I wanted to write about food and general nice bits we’ve come across or picked up. So this is a bit of a love-child of all of those things. I actually have a feeling this little hybrid might stick around because I really enjoy sharing these kinds of things with you all.

We’ll start with places because it’s fresh in my mind. This one is a hotel and I just really wanted to mention it because we attended a Christening there yesterday and I seriously couldn’t fault the place. It’s The Courtyard Hotel in Leixlip. It was a lovely excuse to get the whole family together and great timing because my big little bro (he’s younger, but a lot taller than me) was home from Washington DC and we got a rare photograph of all five of us with my Mam and Dad which I’m delighted about.


Now I will say that my aunt is a pro at planning parties. We went to her wedding in New York about seven years ago and it was UNREAL (Think being on the rooftop of a sky scrapper overlooking Central Park eating canapes) but honestly the function room at this hotel is really good. It’s perfect for the likes of a Christening because it’s small but there are plenty of tables, a private bar and a little outdoor patio/smoking area too. We got a welcome drink when we arrived (Prosecco or a bottle of beer) and there was a little kid’s table with play dough, toys and colours (I told you – this woman thinks of everything). For the food it was a buffet but the main course was served to you. It was turkey, ham and stuffing parcels with creamy mash and vegetables and then you could add on the salad yourself. Salmon, potato salad, coleslaw, rocket/sundried tomato salad and  bread. I was seriously impressed with the food. What’s more is they came around and took orders for the kid’s food. We went for Spaghetti Bollognaise and it was a big hit with our little grubber. His eyes lit up when he saw the ice-cream too. A scoop of each flavour with a selection of DIY toppings. So yes, I highly recommend The Piano Room in The Courtyard Hotel in Leixlip for a function. It was our second time at a function in that room and it worked really well for both. If you are looking for a kids entertainer I’d highly recommend these guys too. My aunt hired Waffles the magician for the Christening and it absolutely made the day for all the kids.



And in stark contrast we move on to a…. NIGHTCLUB. What? Yes, we were in DA CLUB the weekend before last as a rare treat and I just had to mention this place. It’s called Xico and I absolutely LOVED it. It’s in town (Dublin) and is around the Baggot Street end of the City Centre. The music was absolutely amazing and the Frozen Margharitas went down a treat (less of a treat was the hangover the next morning). We spent a fortune and ended up in Mc Donalds at 4am so I’d call that a picture perfect night out. It was the kind of night out that we do very rarely but it’s always so much fun. The joys of having an almost four year old who grandparents are actually delighted to have over for a sleepover!


And for the weekend Brunch of dreams you just HAVE to try Peachtree East in Tallaght. It’s in the little complex where the library is (and M&S/ Captain Americas used to be) and it’s one of the best brunches I’ve ever had. First time round I went for a full Irish type situation except for it was on another level with chorizo baked beans and a ham hock hash-brown. This time round I couldn’t pass up anything that involved Avocado so I went for this beauty. Whoever invented Treacle Toast has my gratitude for life. This was epic and I don’t think I could order anything else in future…



I have to mention the Barbers we’ve started bringing Billy to. After an emotional first haircut he’s now a fully fledged Barber goer (OK so he’s been once since then) but they really are brilliant at Old County Barbers. We go to the one in Crumlin but I believe they have one in Clondalkin too. If you want to hear about Billy’s first haircut there a couple of months ago you can read about it here.




Work opportunities are always something I feel really grateful for. As a Slimming World Consultant I get to help people lose weight and feel more confident and healthy which is a dream come true. But before that I was a writer and through that has come some amazing opportunities. Most recently I got the opportunity to interview Pippa O’ Connor and Oliver Callan on behalf of Family Friendly HQ and Rollercoaster.ie





Friday nights in our house. A little tradition has evolved whereby little man has his shower, gets his PJS on and is allowed to watch Youtube on Peter’s old phone. He has Spider Man earphones so we can actually watch something on the TV while he does this. He talks about his “treat bowl” for the entire day. I hope it will always be a little tradition in our family. It’s the stuff I dreamt about when I imagined being a mother and now it’s a reality. Nearly four years on and it’s still a bit surreal that this is my life now. So bloody lucky.