I wanted a bit of a time capsule to look back on to remember what having a four year old was like. The little quirky bits and specific anecdotes which might blur a little as time moves on. So here is a little look at what life is like with our four year old.


  • You are absolutely obsessed with listing all of the things that are “bold”. At least twice a day you start a sentence with “you know what is the boldest thing ever?”. As we listen with anticipation you list things like “throwing, punching and kicking” before reassuring us that you are a good boy and would never do those things (butter wouldn’t melt).
  • Approximately seven thousand times per day you tell me you are “really hungry”. You say it with puppy dog eyes and a genuine tone of weakness as though you can barely get the words out due to the extreme hunger and it’s affects on your energy levels. It was said this morning immediately after you ate two slices of toast, a bowl of melon and a handful of grapes.
  • On the note of food, you are deadly. It’s always been your thing but you are great at trying new foods and you really do eat most things. Except sweet potatoes. For the love of God I’ve tried every form but you cannot stand them. Right now your favourite foods would be berries, prawns, pizza, salmon, cucumber and anything that resembles chocolate or a treat. You like to tell us that “this is my one treat only for the day, right”?
  • You’ve moved on from Paw Patrol and it’s all about superheroes, ninja turtles and power rangers. You like to remind us that there is a difference between Avengers and the Justice League. You also always pick out toys involving swords, weapons and guns and naturally I overanalyze this and don’t like it. I’ve a pretty strict rule about not playing with guns which is a bit extreme to some people but it’s how I feel.
  • You’ve graduated from needing us to help you go to the toilet (for aim reasons mostly) to happily pottering in and out of the loo yourself. This is amazing, particularly when that toilet trip is at 7am.
  • You have a wild imagination and are currently figuring out the boundaries with telling fibs. Every single day someone has hit you or thrown something at you. You’ll list the names and then eventually admit that it is a “tiny lie”. The boy who cried wolf will soon be a useful tool when we help you kick this habit.
  • You mostly don’t nap if we are careful. It involves some kind of a chat, snack or toy in the car because that is your danger zone but mostly we get by and keep you awake. Bed-time is therefore a breeze and you’ll be out like a light by 7.30pm. You still sleep in the bed with us as we made the decision to live in a one bedroom granny flat so we could save a deposit for a house. We make it work and we all get decent sleep. If you do nap it’s an 11pm bed-time and we’ve learned to accept that.
  • You have a turn in your eye which will need surgery when you are about 7 (oh my mama heart hurts to imagine that day). You have to wear patches but every single brand irritates your skin and leaves you with sore grazes and bruises. It’s July 2018 and we are on a break from them until we see the orthoptist (I think that’s the right name) next week.
  • You spend Wednesdays with your Nanna Maureen while Mammy works as a Slimming World Consultant and Mammy would be lost without her. You usually get a Back-Donalds (Mc Donalds) treat that day and you just adore her. Fridays are spent doing something with Granda Paddy and we usually visit Nanna Aileen and Granda Billy on a Sunday. You are VERY lucky to have four grandparents who truly adore you.
  • You ask every second day for a baby brother.
  • You talk a lot about when we have our own house. It’s really sweet. Fingers crossed it’ll happen this year.
  • You idolize your Dad. He is your best pal and you guys have the best relationship. Just recently he bought a game in Tiger where you guys wear hats that have velcro and the idea is you throw felt balls at eachothers heads. This pretty much sums up your relationship.
  • You’ve kind of decided you support Chelsea like Granda Billy so naturally Daddy has booked a trip to Leeds for October to try balance things.
  • You know how to stop me in my tracks by singing “let it shine” and “oh oh oh figure it out, oh oh oh, moo moo moo” (Flame by David Guetta).
  • You sleep with your hand down my top. TMI for some but I don’t care. You were breastfed for two years and it’s a comfort that I don’t mind at all right now.
  • The soother is still around and will be going to Santa this year. It’s just for bed time though. The same can be said for a ridiculous 3oz bottle of milk that you definitely wouldn’t take much convincing to get rid of. We’ll get there.
  • You speak so clearly and every day surprise us with a new word or phrase. It’s actually the best thing about being a parent. We are so proud of that little brain of yours.
  • You haven’t had a bath in about a year. It’s all showers these days. It used to take us an hour to convince you to get in but now you get in with relative ease.
  • Your long hair is gone. It still pains me a little and I do miss it so much but it was the right decision. You couldn’t see with the fringe and you wouldn’t wear a clip. You look so much more grown up now.

I think that’s the main bits for now. We are currently experiencing a heat wave so here you are this week on Sandycove beach loving life.

We just adore you Billy Bear.